View Full Version : Need help finding NHL Mighty Ducks Cheer Outfit in 4T!!!

09-13-2003, 01:21 AM
Yikes! Last season just ended in June and here we are in September one week away from our first game of the season! Here is my dilemma! DD wore a very CUTE cheer outfit last season in a size 2T. She probably outgrew it in length by March, but we didn't have a replacement. We kept putting her in it with tights and a diaper cover or with leggings to match to cover the shortness of the set! Now, I'm looking for a replacement so that I don't have to WHIP one up myself. (My sewing is functional at best! :) ) I was told at the Mighty Ducks Team Store that they do not make this outfit anymore! :( I've got my eye on a NWT 3T on Ebay which would probably be perfect right now, but I really need a 4T to make it through until next spring.

Have any of you seen this outfit in a 4T at one of the "FAN" shops in your local mall? If you have puhhhhhhhhhhhhhhleassssssssssssssse email or PM me, so that I can contact them about purchasing the outfit and having it shipped to me! I've attached a pic of the beloved cheer outfit! BTW - I've spent the last hour running searchs for toddler cheer outfits and it seems like toddlers like the NCAA better than the NHL! :) TIA!

mom 2 katie (33 months)
& Jack (16 months)