View Full Version : Just posted this on BB too...Outerwear help, please!!!

11-13-2003, 05:11 PM
It's getting pretty rootin' tootin' cold over here. Gannon has a pair of mittens, but they really don't stay on that well. (Granted, I could put a string on them.) But other than that, he's really into rocks and leaves right now, and mittens make it difficult for him to pick anything up.

Also, I am noticing lots of catalogs with SCARVES for little kids (like toddlers). I thought this was a big no-no, like the scarf could unwind and get caught up around the monkey bars, etc, etc. Maybe that's just my mom's own insecurities...

So, I have a few questions. Anybody find a good pair of winter gloves out there that maintain warmth AND dexterity? Has anybody seen a neck gator for little ones? Or, better yet, I guess a ski mask? Something that covers both the head and neck.

Finally, I live on the eastern end of Long Island. We got loads of snow last year, but that's not usually the case. Most times it will snow a few inches and melt the next day. Any good boot recommendations? Something that could double as a snow and winter boot, because it does get muddy around here after the snow melts, and a lot of the time the snow forecasts turn to rain because the temps are a *wee* bit above freezing.

Also, do you think I should just buy him a pair of snowbibs now, and hope that I will need them? (As opposed to not buying them, it snows, and everybody is sold out.) I do have a fleece snowsuit, but I don't think that will keep the wet out.

Sorry for so many questions!! Last year he wasn't mobile in the cold weather, so we didn't do much of anything. Thanks for any help! :)

11-14-2003, 04:49 AM
I left you a bit of a novel on the baby board. Hope it helps!

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