View Full Version : Any last minute hanna orders

10-01-2004, 03:57 AM
Of course the new baby items were just gorgeous, but alas, our kids are TODDLERs now! All grown up. Sniff Sniff.
Here is what Ds is getting:
(in navy to match above shirt)

in navy to replace those funky-waisted side-zip pants that are going back.

I went back and forth a zillion times on the survivor jacket, but decided to hold off and hope someone can find me an India red one at the B&M store. I'll probably be doing the same thing over a navy one next month. LOL!

Mommy is getting:

I am SO tempted by the Spiral Stitchery skirt, but since black is sold out and I could not figure out what would go with the red, I decided not to order it.

And for the Daddy (In Russet to match Ds' metro sweater, which by the way they run really big!)

I also snagged a couple of the maternity shirts (am I jinxing myself by buying maternity ahead? I hope not). At $11.20 they're a steal and black and white are so basic. I am sure my Target one from last time cost more than that and didn't hold up well: