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12-28-2004, 10:52 PM
Hi all-
Just wanted you to know, if you go to LL Bean's website and sign up for an LL Bean Visa card, then as a cardholder (as soon as you sign up online), you always get free shipping (FedEx!) and free monogramming for life on all their products (clothes, backpacks, etc.)....just wanted to let you know...you also get coupon dollars for using your LL Bean Visa card for regular purchases..I've gotten soooooo much free merchandise from them using coupon dollars...I recently bought my 4 yr. old a winter coat (retail 89.99) for free with coupon dollars!! Here's the link to sign up for the LL Bean Visa card:

Hope that helps!
Brendan, 9/5/00
Evan, 1/30/02