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10-01-2005, 02:04 AM
Conner is 25 months old and cannot keep a blanket on himself at night. He always ends up kicking it off and when I check on him I often find him curled up in a little ball with his arms and legs tucked under him trying to stay warm. After recovering him 1,000 times a night before I went bed, I finally decided to find a solution-- a toddler-sized sleep sack. I know they are common in Europe in children up to 4 years old so I knew there must be something out there. When he was younger, I had used the Halo sleepsack, but I never found it warm enough and I'd still have to cover him with a blanket (our house is freezing in winter). I wanted something that was thicker and more substantial-- more like a comforter. That's when I came upon BabyInABag sleep sacks: http://www.babyinabag.com/

They have both winter models for cooler climates and summer models for warmer climates. The winter model, which is the one I got, has a 100% cotton shell with a plush polyester fill, while the summer model is made out of lightweight 100% cotton. On both models, both the inside and outside shell is made of cotton, so that's all your baby's skin will ever touch. Both models come in sizes small (3-11 months), medium (10-24 months), and large (22 months-3T) and range in price from $24.95 to $34.95 (depending on size and model). Conner is 31 lbs and 36 inches long and I got the large size. The large size (after being washed and shrunk) is 37 1/2 inches long-- from shoulder to the bottom. Conner still has a few inches of growing room from his feet to the bottom of the sack, and I definately think it will fit him throughout winter. It's very well made and has an inverted zipper and a snap at the neckline so he can't undo it. The first night I put it on him he wasn't too thrilled since he hadn't been in a sleep sack for about a year, but after his first night in it he became very attached. Now, if I try to lay him down without it he yells "sack, sack" and even insists on wearing it during his naps! It's very warm and most nights the only thing he has on under it is a short sleeved pajama top or onesie and his diaper. On cooler nights I'll put him in a long sleeved pajama top. I haven't had the need for him to really wear pajama bottoms or socks yet since he's so cozy inside. Some nights I'll unzip the sack to make sure he's warm enough, and his legs and feet are always nice and toasty :). I never find him curled up with his legs and arms tucked under him any more and he seems to sleep much more soundly. The only negative is that I didn't think the inner liner was as snuggly soft as I would have liked, but it doesn't bother Conner and it seems to have softened up more after repeated washings. I really wish I would have bought this last winter (we needed it), but I'm glad to have found it in time for this winter. I think it would be a great baby shower gift and I plan on getting one for my best friend when she gets pregnant. Here's the one we have:
Conner 8/19/03
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