View Full Version : Toddler needs a backpack for school!

06-18-2006, 08:41 AM
Any suggestions on where I can find a decent classic-looking (meaning no cartoon character prints) toddler sized back pack that I can get monogramed?


06-22-2006, 08:47 AM
Try looking at LLBean. I think one of their backpacks is smaller than normal.

good luck-

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07-09-2006, 10:04 AM


http://www.childrensplace.com has backpacks, but then you would have to take it to a place that does monograms.

07-12-2006, 03:50 PM
I found some on the lillian vernon website. They are blue, pink or purple and they come with free momograming. They also have matching lunch boxes. I think that I'm going to order one for my daughter.
The website is www.lillainvernon.com

07-15-2006, 06:47 PM
Both LL Bean and Lands' End make junior backpacks for ages 4 - 7 years, but even these would probably be too big for a toddler. Discovery Toys had a cute backppack on sale for toddlers -- I just got two of them for my boys. They only came in one color -- purple, but not a pastel "girly" purple. They were on sale for $8.99 each but the sale ended June 30. Plus you can't get those monogrammed.

Sorry not able to really help. Good luck!


07-15-2006, 08:37 PM
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. Nothing was perfect (he wants a black one like his dad) so I ended up getting a standard JanSport and will use a cute luggage tag instead of monogramming.

08-25-2006, 10:20 PM
We got the LL Bean Jr. Original Book Pack for our 2-year-old DS to take to preschool this fall (found it very cheap at an outlet store, and just removed the original monogram!) It's a little bit heavy to think of him carrying it regularly by himself at this point (the padding in the back adds weight), but it's a nice size to hold papers, without being huge, and will last him for at least the rest of his preschool years.


I'm just excited that it's cute but classic and doesn't have any Super Mutant Action Warrior Heroes on it. I'm sure he'll ask for that kind someday, but for now, I still get to choose!


08-28-2006, 08:22 PM
I second the LLBean recommendation.