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10-08-2003, 08:06 AM
Anyone know a site where I can purchase toddler (2T) underwear? I understand that the first set I purchase for her can help her potty-train if we get something she likes. I've searched Okinawa and the only ones in her size are Barbie panties. She has no clue who Barbie is and, right now, I'm happy to keep her that way. So where can I get Elmo or Nemo underwear? Other Sesame Street characters would do as well. The only other characters that she knows are the vegetables from VeggieTales and I doubt they have their own underwear line :).

Can anyone tell me if character underwear is necessary? Wouldn't pink or flowered do? How sad is it that I am worried about what is on her underwear in the first place!

Oh well, the things we do to try and get it right...

Jen in Okinawa
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10-08-2003, 12:29 PM
I never found Sesame Street underwear. In fact the frustrating thing was that Easy Ups have Elmo and others on them, but not REAL underwear!

I found Nemo underwear at Target and Kids R Us. I have also seen a (limited) selection at the Disney Store.

I took my daughter to the store and had her pick out the ones she liked.

I stumbled upon another trick. We had been reading a Sesame Street book called No More DIapers. In it, Betty Lou gets big girl underwear when she learns to use the potty. The big girl underwear has kitty cats on it. Well one of the patterns of Gerber cloth training pants I bought had cats on it. So my daughter called it her kitty cat underwear and the link was beneficial.

Good luck!

10-09-2003, 06:28 AM
I encountered this same dilemma. Barbie and Hello Kitty were the only panties I could find in 2T. The sesame street character panities seem to be available only as boy's briefs. I decided that the characters weren't worth searching for. I actually had an even harder time finding simple designs, like flowers and balloons. I ordered some designed panties from thepottystore.com and they sent me white, boys briefs instead. So, I ended up purchasing plain white undies made by the makers of my diaper wrap, Nikky. They are "training pants" rather than panties, but they are perfect for right now. Good Luck in your search! :)

10-09-2003, 07:54 AM
My daughter loves Pooh, and I happened to find Pooh underwear at WalMart. So, if your daughter likes (or knows) Pooh, that could be an option. I have not searched for them online, but they are "Hanes Her Way," which is a really common brand. I would think someone would sell them online!

Good luck!
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10-21-2003, 12:15 AM
Besides the Pooh underwear, Wal-Mart also carries Disney Princess underwear (same Hanes Her Way brand), which was a relief, since I had not checked for their availability before I promised my little girl princess underwear when she decided to use the potty!

You won't need this info now, but for anyone who might be looking for size 4 or 4T panties, try the infant/toddler section first. At our Wal-Mart, they carry the size 4 character panties in both the infants and girls departments, and they appear to be identical, but the ones in the girls department are priced higher. I think that size 4 is the only overlapping size between the two lines.