View Full Version : Potty Recommendations for Boys

03-19-2004, 05:18 PM
Do people have recommendations for potty seats/chairs for boys? I am probably more interested in a chair as opposed to a cushion on the "grown-up" toilet. My son is not tall.

Thanks in advance.

Mom to Ben (18 mos)

03-22-2004, 06:52 PM
Well, Colin is nowhere near potty trained, so I'm not speaking from experience, but we do own two potties. First we bought the graco potty from BRU. I liked it because it got decent reviews, had a "guard" and looked somewhat like a real potty. Unfortunatly, it's still too big for him at 21 mos. (He's around 33 inches tall right now.) His feet don't touch the ground and he gets really nervous sitting on it. It's as if he's worried that he's going to fall in.

The second potty we bought was this Baby Bjorn one. [http://www.babybjorn.com/index.asp?language=US] (The link isn't working for me, but if you go to the Baby Bjorn website it's called the Baby Bjorn Little Potty.) It fits him much better. I was worried that he wouldn't think of it as a potty since it looks nothing like a real potty, but that hasn't been an issue. He still refuses to sit on either potty without clothes on, but he is much more comfortable on the Bjorn potty.