View Full Version : Help! DS won't wear a diaper and screams POTTY if I try!

05-01-2004, 12:26 PM
DS just turned two and has never had any interest in training! Well, yesterday he discovered a potty that we are using as a stepstool in the bathroom. He pried it open and promptly sat down. He then stood up and tugged at his shorts and dipe and shouted, "off!" Well, proud mommy that I am, I took off everything and let him run around in the buff. I moved the seat into the tiled family room and he proceeded to watch hockey from his throne(his daddy would've been proud!). Here's the dilemma...he just sits on the seat and pretends to potty. Whenever I say that it is time to put on a diaper, he wails, "POOTTTTTTYYYY!"(smart kid!) and runs away. If I catch him, I basically have to pin him down to get a diaper on. I know that he's not really ready to even try seriously. I feel like I would be stunting our training if I didn't let him try, but he's not really trying as he's just playing most of the time! What do I do about the diaper battle?

Sorry this was so rambling! Please help! DD was nothing like this!

ETA - OMG! While I was typing, he peed in the potty! Then I went to clean out the bowl and he opened the seat again and peed again! Maybe he is ready to try...

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05-01-2004, 01:42 PM
Rose you have what is known as a 'high quality problem'. Most of us potty training Moms would LOVE for their child to be refusing the diaper and wanting to sit on the potty!

I suppose you could jump right in. Let him sit on it naked whenever he wants. Let him run around naked whenever he wants. When there is an accident make him put on a diaper (ie: when you have an accident you revert back to diapers). Take advantage! Give it a try! If it works then you will really have gotten away easy. If not, well at least you won't be kicking yourself in 6 months for not trying.

Good luck!

05-02-2004, 01:12 AM
OMG, Rose! How cool! Is it a problem because you want to leave the house? If you're at home and he is using it, heck, let him go in it. Get him some training pants. You can get some with the plastic cover if you think he needs it and tell him it's underwear. It IS cotton on the inside. How great if he trains early! If it does not fade in a few days, I'd say you have a good start on it.

Go Jack!!!!!!