View Full Version : Vinyl training pants: useful, or waste of money?

05-06-2004, 04:51 PM
My 2 1/2 yo daughter is showing "signs of readiness", in that she will sit on the potty for awhile, but I can't get her to do anything on it except sit. Sometimes if she's really messy or wet, she'll ask to be changed or say "I pooped", but other times she keeps quiet, even when you can't breathe around her :)

She doesn't seem to care whether she wears diapers or pullups. I'm wondering if those "Stage B" Gerber training pants will help nudge her along. They're the ones with a waterproof vinyl outer layer and cotton inside. Are they more comfortable than they look? Or should I wait until she actually pees into the potty, then go straight from diapers to the all-cotton training pants?

05-07-2004, 07:59 AM
I had a pair of Dappi trainers and they were TIGHT on my skinny kid, so I don't think they'd be very comfy for long term wear.

Alexis and Dappi both make a nylon pull on cover that would go over underwear to hold in the urine. They're cloth diaper covers and both work GREAT!

After my dd started going in the potty, we went straight to cute panties. She was highly motivated to keep her pretty panties pretty (and dry!). And the warm liquid running down her leg was NOT a feeling she liked! :D