View Full Version : Poll: Best Potty Training book for boys

05-08-2004, 04:33 PM
DS is almost 2 and is identifying when he goes #1 & #2 - so I need to get moving! What worked the best for you?

Also - for boys what works best - seperate potty chairs, or the ones that go over the toilet?


05-09-2004, 07:42 PM
I read the How to potty train in one day or less book and took some stuff from there, and then just went on gut instinct.

We had the Graco rewards potty, and the flip one for the toilet seat. He has used both but prefers to go on the toilet using the regular seat. At first he used the potty a lot and slowly transfered to using the toilet. But I let him lead on that. I figure, whatever he wants to do is okay, as long as he's using the potty or the toilet!


05-11-2004, 10:19 PM
We have "Once Upon a Potty for Boys." Ds likes it a lot. I do change most of the words, though. Like the book refers to a penis as a 'pee pee' and pee as "wee wee," which are not the words we use. We also have the Dr. Sear's book, "You can go to the potty." This one is good, too, and has some tips in the front for parents.