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05-26-2004, 12:44 PM
Well, Alia has been consistently peeing and pooping in the potty for over 2 weeks now. The problem is, our nanny started her out with no bottoms - so she could run over and do her thing when she needed to. She's doing very well, and doesn't have any accidents. When we go out I diaper her.

I'd now like her to have some clothing on her bottom :-) We have tried putting on very big little girl undies, she pees right through those over the potty. I tried the training panties - same thing. If she has *anything* on her bottom - she pees right through it into the potty - or doesn't even go to the potty at all. Assumes the "diaper" will catch it. So I started putting her in dresses so she had to pull that up when she sat down (not really - they are short enough she can still pee without touching the dress!) but I was trying to get her in the habit of doing *something* before sitting down. She kind of gets it, but I don't know what to do.

She is so interested in using the potty - hence the reason we started her. And she does really well as long as Mommy doesn't put anything on her bottom to mess up her process!

Any suggestions? Should I just let her go as she has been for a while longer (since we've really just started this?) Should I just go through an accident-phase and put the really big panties on her and let her learn to pull them down (I've tried fitting panties and big ones - a friend suggested the big ones may give more air movement and she might remember she had to pull them down or use the potty).

HELP! I'm excited that she is excited, but I can't have my kid running around naked from the waist down ALL the time! Plus, when we go out she isn't doing the potty thing yet - and if she was wearing panties we could at least attempt it when we go out.

Sigh - this and moving to a bed were the 2 things I was so worried about! Since she hasn't shown any inclination to move to a bed I may get to take them one at a time!


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05-26-2004, 03:19 PM
My daughter did the same thing when potty training. She did not want any thing below her waist. Since I cared more about the potty training then clothes, I just went with it. It was bad for a few weeks then little by little she let me put some pants on her.

Luckily she didn't do this anywhere but home (I admit to putting her in diapers if we weren't someplace she was comfortable with for the first few months).

I think it's great she's interested in going on the potty, I'd just go with the flow, atleast it's getting warm so she wont be cold *grin*.

05-26-2004, 06:43 PM
You know this is a high quality problem. At least she knows to pee in the potty!

You could certainly continue to do this for a couple of weeks. Have you tried reminding her that it is time to potty? Perhaps if she is not in such a rush to go she might be able to take the time to pull pants up and down. You could also have her watch you while you go and you could demonstrate that pulling down pants is an integral part of the process.

Sorry I can't be of much help. Good luck!

05-29-2004, 09:02 AM

My son did the same thing, too. It took him a while, but little by little, he got more comfortable with underwears. I remember starting him with a very loose pants sans underwear so that nothing is touching his bottom to begin with.

Funny, my DD Mia is actually in the exact same phase now, she's doing great at home with no bottoms, runs to the potty and but once I put anything on, she pees right through it. I'm going to wait another week till I attempt any undies again (she's been bottomless for 5 days now).

05-31-2004, 08:36 PM
Hi there,

My daughter is doing the same thing. This must be a common problem. Like the earlier poster, I am more concerned with the potty training than the underwear right now, so I am letting her run naked. When we go out I use a pull up, but I feel that is a confusing message as they are really diapers. I have noticed though that she is beginning to tell me when she needs to go, so maybe we'll be able to use some underwear soon. I have the gerber trainer underwear, but she'll pee in it as soon as I turn my back. If you find an approach that works let me know. Also, my DD is constantly touching herself now -- what to do about that?????


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06-03-2004, 12:15 AM
Noelle is at the stage that she will pee in the potty no matter what we dress her in (okay, she has trouble with the overalls that DH likes to put her in :)). I keep her naked from the waist down every day until she poops and then dress her afterwards. One day she was still wearing her PJ's when it was 'time' - she kept saying that she needed to use the potty, we would go, nothing, finally SHE took the initiative and stripped and THEN was able to poop! I'm not sure when this stage will end, but I'm just happy that she is doing this consistently.

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edited to add: she like to touch herself too, whenever I see her I tell her that she can do that only in her room (we say, "Private spaces in private places!)