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06-22-2004, 11:51 PM
DS has been using the potty off-and-on for several months. He always uses it before his bath since he knows that if he pees in the tub, the bath is over. The rest of the day is kind of random. He doesn't always want to, and I try not to push it.

Well, yesterday we had a great day. He wore the same diaper all day and was even dry after his 2.5hr nap! Today wasn't as good, but he was constipated and wanted to poop in his diaper and he peed while trying to poop. He did end up pooping on his potty eventually though.

My question is what to do next? He doesn't tell me when he has to pee. Yesterday it was just lucky that I timed it right. He does stay dry for several hours at a time though. Should I expect him to be able to tell me he has to pee or to be more aware that he's going to?

Should I leave him in a diaper and just offer the potty every so often? (he wears cloth so it feels wet when he pees) Or, should I try some type of trainer or underwear (if so, what kind?) Or, should I be doing the naked thing? What do you clean accidents with? We have mostly hardwood, but a few rugs where he likes to play.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions!

06-23-2004, 12:32 AM
Read Potty Training for Dummies. We have several books but this one worked!

06-23-2004, 04:03 PM
Ainsleigh has been running around naked from the waist down for a while now. But she's actually asking for panties. I have just regular underwear (from Target's baby section), though I did just get some trainers from Gerber with a kind of plastic coating on the outside for running errands and such. Gerber has an A-B-C approach (cloth diapers - trainers - underwear, I think). I like their underwear, but I actually prefer the plain old underwear I got - I got 10-pair for the same price as the gerber 3-pair. And the Gerber ones are a little thicker (for catching dribbles?) and a little bit harder for her to pull up.

I would say to be more aware of when he needs to go, but also encourage him to just go when he needs to (or tell you). For us, I've removed day-time diapers, because she is comfortable going in them. With the underwear, it will run down her leg and she quickly learned doesn't feel good!

We have almost all carpet, so I am motivated to pay attention to her! For clean-up I use vinegar/water, and then one of those sprays for animals (I've got a couple cats but haven't had to use it for them - just figured it might work well for toddler urine as well!). Really, though, we've probably had just 4-5 accidents over the last couple months.

06-24-2004, 09:30 AM
We have mainly hardwood too, with separate rugs in her room, our room, and the living room. I rolled up the one in her room and put it away during the potty-training process. I keep our room locked during the day so that was no problem, and I kept an eye on her while she was in the living room so I could 'catch' her before she went. I think hardwood floors are ideal for potty-training =)!

You might try letting him go around in just 'big-boy' pants and nothing else just to see what his reaction is. With my daughter the key was going naked, but I can see where that could actually be a serious fun thing for boys (and I can just imagine where that stuff would end up yeechhh!)

Good luck, much patience, it is a PITA but well worth it in the end!

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