View Full Version : Ack! I'm totally clueless...

11-30-2004, 02:36 PM
DD is 20 months old and within the last few days has started peeing when she sits on the potty. I got one of those toilet seat things about a month and a half ago and letting her sit on it when she wanted to. I decided to get the seat because we were on vacation for 2 weeks and she got pretty interested and aware of when DH and I were using the bathroom and was telling us when she had a poopy diaper.

Out of the blue, she peed once on Saturday and again on Sunday. It was funny b/c the first time she did it on Saturday, she came with me to the bathroom and was pretty insistent on getting on the toilet. She also did it at daycare yesterday (they have also been putting her on the toilet, more to get the feel of it).

So now, what do we do? Just continue to have her sit on it whenever she wants to? I don't want to push her or anything, but don't want to hinder her if this is the direction she's headed. I really have no clue on what's best to do next, if anything.