View Full Version : Is it POSSIBLE that my 22M DS is giving me training signs??!?

01-04-2005, 08:44 PM
Hmmmm, this is weird. Like I said, he is 22 months old. He has recently developed "pee-pee awareness", in that every time is diaper is off he stands and looks down at his pee-pee, often giggling, and waits for something to happen. Of course, he'll pee indiscriminately anywhere. :) But at night when DH brings him up to his room after bath DS makes a point of going over to his BB potty chair and peeing in the directions of the chair, standing up. When asked if he wants to sit he stands silent, and generally resists slightly to a physical attempt by DH to sit him there.

DS is obsessed with all things water, so this could be part of that. But it seems he's clearly made a connection between his pee-pee, pee-pee coming out of it, and at least in his bedroom a connection between pee-pee and the potty chair. There was even a point today when he was grabbing at himself fully clothed, and I wondered what was up. I peeked in, but didn't catch him peeing.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether or not I should try to run with this, and if so how?? I really hadn't given the whole thing much thought, since we have a move and twins on the horizon. I had made the decision that I would let things happen as they may. His vocabulary is still pretty limited, and his IS not even 2YO......But the thought of saying goodbye to daytime dipes pre-twins.......I can't even let myself!


01-05-2005, 11:40 AM
It is certainly possible that he might be ready. 2 years old is a guideline and some kids are ready earlier and some are ready later. I know kids who were trained at 18 months and I know kids who were trained at nearly 4.

I can understand though if you aren't in a good space right now though. I have the same issue. My DS can't MAKE pee come out but he is obviously aware when he does it and when he is pooping. He also asks to be changed immediately after he poops. But we are travelling a few times this month and I don't want to deal with it so I am delaying training until February. Of course by that time he won't be interested.... well we'll see.

Anyhow, why don't you start some easy training? If he goes with it, great, and if not, it's okay too. That way it's really low key. When I say easy training here's what I mean: take him to the potty at regular intervals. Perhaps you can time it if you know he's just had a drink. Tell him to hold his pee pee until you take him. If you take him every half hour for a couple of days you should get the idea if he can/wants to do it. In other words, if he can stay dry when you take him every half hour (and not sneak or leak inbetween) then you could be ready to go on to the next step. Since he will know that you will be taking him, he may even unconsciously hold it in until you come get him.