View Full Version : Diapers for larger child?

02-07-2005, 03:15 PM

My DD is 34 months old, 39" tall (long waisted), 34 lbs, and is using diapers right now. (Approx the size of a 4-5 yo we've been told.) We're in a training hiatus since she had a bad public restroom scare with the automatic flushers and we're expecting kid #2.

I'm having trouble finding diapers to fit her properly without the diapers leaving red marks on her leg/hip/groin. Pamers sz 6 cruisers are too short (doesn't cover the front or back too well) and when we tighten the tabs as much as possible to keep the diaper on her, leaves terrible red pressure marks. Currently we're using the White Cloud sz 6 from Walmart, but we're not happy with the fit either.

Also, are there any diapers for night time that would fit her for later when we're back on the potty training track?

Thanks for the suggestions in advance.

Elsa's mom (3/02) and "Hello Baby" (6/05)