View Full Version : She's peeing in the potty - where to go from here?

03-11-2005, 03:01 AM
We've had the potty out for several months and she would sit on it before bathtime, but never peed. Well a few days ago she went a few drops. We made a huge deal of it and gave her a sticker in her Kandoo passport. Since then, we've been putting her on the potty once or twice a day and she has been peeing almost everytime. So now what?

1. Should we take her to the potty every 30 minutes or once per hour? What if she starts to refuse or fusses? Or, should we just keep it to 2x per day so she doesn't get bored with the stickers?

2. Should we get pull-ups or just go straight to underwear? We've had pull-ups before and I don't think she'll think of them any differently than a diaper.

3. If you recommend pull-ups is there a particular brand?

4. Does she sound ready to start an intensive training period?

Any other advice would be appreciated?

03-11-2005, 10:43 AM
I think the key is to move ahead but be ready to back off if she seems like she's resisting.

Try taking her to the potty more frequently. Start with a few more times a day (particularly after you know she's had a big drink) and then step it up. When I started taking my DD every 30-45 minutes she started holding in her pee (subconsciously I think) because she knew I would be taking her. If your DD has a dry diaper when you take her to the potty make a big deal of that too!

Others may have different advice, but I would wait on the underwear/training pants. First see if she's willing to go to the potty multiple times a day. If she is, then you can put her in underwear/cloth training pants and change your rewards to keeping them dry (instead of rewarding for something in the potty).

If the stickers don't work, then tell her that when she gets so many starts she will get prize. For my DD I put the prize on a high up slf where she could see it but not touch it every day. When she earns the prize lift her up and have her take it down herself. She will be so proud!


03-12-2005, 10:30 AM
I agree with Helen. DS has been peeing in the toilet for months. I have been slowly increasing the number of times that I put him there. I think I am going to try underpants at the end of March when both boys are home for Spring Break - that way I'll have a block of time at home. If that ends up not working out, I'll keep him in diapers, remain consistent about putting him on the toilet (he has a big brother so he refuses the potty), and try again over the summer.

We always clap and make a fuss when he pees. I have promised a prize for a poop, but that has yet to happen in the toilet.

Our ped had told us that she doesn't find pull ups to be a help in potty training. I found the same thing with my older son and just used them at nap time and night time in the beginning with him. I know some people use them for car trips and when out and about in the beginning too. I would use them no more than that, once your daughter is consistently peeing in the potty. Instead, you might try to thick cloth training pants when you first start moving away from diapers. BTW, Pampers has the new "train and learn" diapers (or something like that) - one of my friends used them and didn't find them to be helpful either.

Good luck!!!

03-18-2005, 02:52 AM
My son has been doing this too. He will ask several times a day to pee in the potty- and he usually will go! :) I'm just wowed because he is so young. He still also pees in his diaper. His big movitator is M&Ms- he gets 5 each time he pees in the potty... but I will have to cut that down to 2-3 because he is going so often and I don't want him to have a ton of candy! :) I've got to get to the library and get some books on this.