View Full Version : Stokke Kinderzeat on Sale

06-29-2003, 02:26 PM
Just wanted to pass along that I just ordered 2 Kinderzeats on sale at Babycenter.com. They were on sale for $179.96 in 3 colors (blueberry, raspberry, and lilac). (The standard wood tones are still regular price.) I couldn't find where it said how long the sale was running. Also, they have a free shipping deal with coupon code 16865075 that you can apply to your order too. The seats are considered oversized so there is still a $3/ea oversize charge. But still, if your in the market for a Kinderzeat and like the 'fashion colors' (I ordered blue and red) it's a good deal. It certainly beats buying a babycatalog membership for $25 to get 10% off IMO.