View Full Version : Great deal on Stokke Tripp Trapp! (also posted in Baby Bargains)

03-03-2004, 08:54 PM
I just got a returned Stokke Tripp Trapp chair from The Equipment Shop (www.Equipmentshop.com) for $150 including free shipping (and no tax). The Tripp Trapp is the European version of the Kinderzeat and is exactly the same except that it also has slots for the baby bar that transforms it into a highchair for kids 6 months and up. The Shop also sold me the baby bar for $34 so the total was less than what I would have paid for a pristine Kinderzeat anywhere else.

Be forewarned that Stokke USA told me that the Equipment Shop only sells to people with kids with special needs, but The Shop didn't ask me anything about that when I ordered. I do know that the Tripp Trapp high chair does not meet US safety requirements, which is why it has a different name and is recommended only for kids over 18 months, whereas the Tripp Trapp can be used for six months and up. Several of my friend in Europe rave about their Tripp Trapps so I felt okay with getting one, but obviously not everyone may be comfortable with the idea. I felt a lot happier shelling out the cash knowing that I will be able to use the chair as a highchair for Baby #2 (still in the planning stages).

I think the Shop is only getting Kinderzeats from Stokke so you may want to act quickly. I'm not sure whether they also sell the returned Kinderzeats for the lower price, but you could ask. I had to call to find out this info, it wasn't on their website, the number is 1-800-525-7681. My chair looks beautiful and arrived within a week of ordering.

I've gotten so many good tips from these boards that I had to pass this on.

Mama to Jack, 6/4/02