View Full Version : Same old story...

01-20-2005, 09:12 PM
...my 23 month old DS is a finicky eater!

This is more of a bitch, since in reading many of the previous posts, I've found some good ideas that I'm going to try. Thank you for your contributions.

Now that my 4 year old DD has settled into good eating habits, my DS has decided to take over!

I swear, I think he's got some kind of sensory issues with food (any OT's out there, I'd appreciate a chime-in on how to decrease his sensitivity to new foods).

He's a carbo-freak: Crackers, breads, cheerios and other cereals he'll have no problem eating. He loves bread and cheese sandwiches.

Fruits and/or vegetables: Applesauce and mashed up (mixed w/ water so the consistency is much like babyfood) butternut squash. That's it! He won't even attempt to eat cut-up fruits or vegetables. He tantrums, yells "NOOOOOOOO" and starting running the other way when I even approach him with a piece of fruit.

Meats: Chicken dinosaurs from Costco (has to be this kind). Turkey hotdogs. Fish sticks/fillets. That's it.

Try to introduce ANYTHING other than the above will stimulate a gag reflex that will result in vomiting....everytime! We keep a plastic bowl right on the table.

It's probably a phase, but frustrating nevertheless.

<<Sigh>> Thanks for letting me vent. :)