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06-07-2005, 01:46 PM
Colwyn has been using his Fisher Price Healthy Care booster seat for quite some time. He's never had any problems with it until recently. When the chair is pushed up to the table, Colwyn can't rest his feet on the chair, so his legs dangle and I'm assuming that the chair (that the booster is on) digs into his ankles or calves. About 5-10 minutes into a meal, he'll turn sideways in the booster seat, pull one leg out, and drape it over the side of the booster. I don't have a problem with that specifically, but he usually tries putting his foot up on the table, which I don't want him to do.

Colwyn is a shorty, or I'd let him just sit at the table without a booster. When he sits on one of the regular chairs, only his eyes and nose are visible over the top of the table. :)

So, is there a better booster where he'll be more comfortable? Or should I just let him kneel on a regular chair? We can't afford the Kinderzeat, so our options are limited.


06-07-2005, 03:37 PM
Huh, DS used to pull his foot out too, and it never occured to me why. Maybe that was it. Anyway, FWIW, we didn't decide to stop using the booster but DS did. We were using a Cooshie Booster, so it isn't strapped, and DS repeatedly knocked it off the chair, so he could sit or kneel as he pleased. We're just going with it. He doesn't seem to mind in the least.