View Full Version : Need table booster with straps and cushie seat!

09-05-2005, 10:34 PM
I was wondering if anyone knows of a booster seat for the table that straps to the chair, has straps to strap the kid in, and has a cushie seat (not just a flat one)?
I have looked EVERYWHERE and cannot seem to find one.
My wild one is 27 months old but needs to be straped in because he will NOT sit still. I have a fold and go now, but the seat part is completely flat, ouch! :o
Thanks for your comments!

09-16-2005, 01:06 AM
Have you looked at the First Years On The Go Booster Seat?


The seat is flat, but it is a cushion. It straps to a chair and has a nice three-point harness to secure the child. It folds compactly for traveling. Not sure if you plan to use it at home or when out, or both. We've had ours for probably close to a year now and use it in restaurants (great for places that don't have highchairs, or if you prefer not to use public highchairs) and if we're at friends houses.

I've been very happy with the seat. It costs around $20. I got mine at Target, but I'm sure it's carried in other places that carry baby products and of course lots of etailers.

Hope this helps.

Mom to Ryan, 19 months in a couple of days

09-16-2005, 08:34 PM
Oh, thanks!! No, I had never seen that one! I will look again though. It looks perfect, thanks again.