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10-13-2005, 02:29 PM
DH is with the kiddos one day a week while I work. He has asked me to put together a list of food/meal ideas that he can pull from. Remembering that before we met the only thing he had ever "cooked" was frozen pizza, I have tried to keep my ideas short and simple, and to try to be healthful. I've added some ideas from a search of old posts too. Any other suggestions? Some more ideas would help me to feel less repetitive.

Breakfast ideas (usually with small cup of milk and fruit)

Cereal and milk with golden raisins
Whole grain waffles with pumpkin butter spread
Blueberry waffle with butter and sausage link
Scrambled egg with English muffin
Mini bagel with cream cheese
Oatmeal made with milk and with golden raisins sprinkled in

Snack ideas
Cut up fruit
Tablespoon of hummus with pretzels or crackers to dip
Cheese stick with apple slices
Graham crackers
Cereal bar
Handful of dry cereal with cut up dried fruit (prunes, apricots etc.)
Apple sauce

Lunch ideas (usually with fruit and/or veggie booty)
1/2 Sandwich
Campbell’s healthy choice soup with grilled cheese
Hot dog (cut up) with fruit
Cottage cheese with shredded carrots or other random veggie/fruit and toast
Ripped up cold cuts with toasted mini bagel bites
Ham and cheese omelet
Whole wheat mini pitas with ham and cream cheese stuffing

Dinner ideas
Check fridge for last nights left overs
A vegetable (fresh or frozen) with rice or potatoes plus either chicken nuggets, fish sticks, veggie sausage, mini quiches, butter fried tofu bites etc.
Pasta with cheese and sauce and veggie crumbles
Macaroni and cheese with beans added (chickpeas, kidney beans, or black beans rinsed and drained from can)

10-14-2005, 03:32 PM
We're big on beans in our house. :) Many of these are straight from the can or with very minor additions.

Refried beans, with salsa and cheese
Baked beans/pork and beans
Chili con carne with cheese
Black bean soup (Puree 2 cans of black beans with 1 jar of salsa, heat until warm and serve with sour cream)
PB and apple slices
Oatmeal and applesauce (with butter if you wish)
Oatmeal and fruit yogurt
Ants on a log (celery with cream cheese/PB filling and raisins)
Beef stew with egg noodles or rice
Mexican mac and cheese (mac & cheese with hamburger and/or salsa added)