View Full Version : Traveling w/ 16m old

Maria K
03-21-2007, 11:36 AM
I will be traveling to Disney with DS when he's 16 months old to Disney and have lots of questions!

What sippys do you suggest? I like the idea of the Take and Toss (cheap and they nest) but they get bad reviews on Amazon (leaking and lids pop off).

Anyone have one of those toddler leashes?

I used a Baby B'air when DS was smaller and liked the extra "hand" it gave me to keep him in my lap. Should I get the bigger size for this trip? DS is very squirmy.

What about some kind of ID to attach to his shoes like http://www.karscot.com/scopes.html or http://www.identifyme.co.uk

I don't even know what kinds of things he'll need to entertain him on the plane... last flight he took was at 9 months and he was pretty easily entertained by just about anything.

- Maria