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03-13-2002, 03:19 AM
My daughter will be 4 in July and she will soon outgrow her Britax Roundabout. She's almost 40 inches tall and I'm guessing her weight is between 38-40 lbs (we don't own a bathroom scale so need to grab my neighbor's scale to weigh her).

I ordered a Britax Star Riser Comfy, a few days ago, based on favorable reviews I read elsewhere and because I love our Britax Roundabout. I'm afraid I did not do enough research before placing my order and now I'm not sure that I made the best chocie.

I did not know about your message board until this evening. What a wonderful service you provide. I wish I had found you earlier.

We have a 1990 Toyota Camry (old, but reliable - smile)!

I'd appreciate any input you can give me. Perhaps it's not too late to cancel my order if another booster would be best for her.

03-13-2002, 11:43 AM
Hi Marla.

Actually, I think that is a great choice.

Since your daughter is already 4, and very close to 40 pounds, you are correct that she is outgrowing the RA, and also correct that she can go right to a belt positioning booster.

Since you've got a '90 Toyota Camry (I had an '89), I'm almost sure you don't have head rests in back, and your daughter will need a high back booster to give her head support sooner or later. She'll also get some side sleeping support now.

You could buy a cheap high back booster from Cosco (Complete Voyager $29), Evenflo (Sighseer $49) or Century (I can't remember the name, $49ish). These work fine, but are rather hard and not all that well padded, from what I've heard so far. And none of them have very nice shoulder belt adjusters.

The Britax Stariser/comfy is a great seat. It has a great shoulder belt adjuster. It has a removable back, so you won't have to take it if you travel and rent a car with head rests. It has nice armrest to hold the belt low and in position. It has adquate padding.

The Britax Roadster has more padding, but the back isn't tall enough to give your child head support later on (if you still have this car).

The Jupiter Komfort Kruiser is just out, and would be my other top pick for you along with the SR/C. The back is not removable, and it is wider and larger, but it is padded yet firm. It positions the belt very well. It is made entirely with moulded eps foam (bike helmet stuff) and gives some actual side impact protection. My kids like it a lot. www.onestepahead.com has pictures, and you can look at my bitty site on it: www.carseatdata.org/KK.html.

The Baby Trend Recaro Start is another option. It is very nice, but very expensive at $350. It is made like a good ergonomic chair.

But as I said, the SR/C is a fine choice.


03-13-2002, 12:12 PM
Hi Toby,

Thanks so much for your helpful information. I looked at the Komfort Kruiser on the website you listed. It looks very nice. I was not at all familiar with this particular seat. The site also had the Komfort Rider GTX on sale for $70. Can you explain the pros and cons between those particular booster seats?

We won't have our 1990 Camry forever - will probably buy a new Camry or Camry's mini-van in the future.

I'm curious to know why you chose the Komfort Kruiser for your kids over the Starriser Comfy. You must think it is a better choice or you wouldn't have purchases it for your precious little ones - smile!
Is there an advantage to having a booster that does NOT have a removable back?

As I mentioned previously, I stuck with Britax because I know they are a good company and we were so pleased with our RA.

Thanks again!

03-13-2002, 02:20 PM
I've actually got both the SR/C AND the KK, and the KR GTX, and the Recaro Start, and a few others! Now I have so many partly just becuase I need to test the new ones and compare them to the old ones. My kids are quite the testers :).

Having only had the KK 5 days, and used it in the car once, I'm pretty impressed. It is very new. I would definitely recommend it over the KR GTX. I like the KR, but it had so much padding that it allowed children the possibility of slumping. I didn't see much slumping with my kids, but I kept watching for it. I don't think it will happen with the KK, yet the kids still say it is very comfortable. I think it is going to get the comfort vote over the SR/C, but if space is a consideration, the way-narrower SR/C will be the right seat. If you see a need to remove the back and use the seat as a backless booster sometimes, then the SR/C will be the seat. But of course, if you buy a KK, you can always buy a backless booster for around $25 to have as a spare, for extra kids, or to send with your daughter in carpools. I may have to retrieve my SR/C from my neighbor (who needs a very narrow booster) so that the kids can try the two (or three) side by side. The KK and the KR don't tip in my van, which is a problem I've had with many high back boosters.

I'm looking forward to hearing from other parents who get the KK what they think, to see if they are also wild about it. Since apparently I am!


03-13-2002, 06:30 PM
Thanks Toby!!

The SR/C I ordered is on backorder so the order was cancelled today. Now I'll have the chance to check into the Komfort Kruiser more thoroughly to see if it would be a better choice for my daughter. She's not yet 40 lbs and her shoulders are just below the slots so I still have a little time left before I need to make the change.

I appreciate your prompt and thorough responses.