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04-17-2002, 12:31 PM
I have read through all the posts on this board, but still haven't gotten my questions answered...so, here is yet another booster seat dilemma!!

I am having my third baby in November.

My 3.5 year old son weighs 36 pounds on a good day! His ears still have a good 2.5 - 3 inches to go before getting to the top of his car seat (Britax Roundabout). His shoulders still have about 3/4 of an inch to go before they are level with the strap slot.

I am hoping that he still has at least a year left in that seat, but you never know with these growth spurts.

No questions asked...I was planning on getting the Britax Super Elite before the new baby arrived. However, I have heard a few negative things about it. First of all, that it is huge and heavy. What is meant by huge? I looked at the dimensions on the Britax web site and it's not too much bigger than the Roundabout. I have a Toyota Sienna...I think it would fit. Also, I was asking a sales person about the seat and she told me that they wouldn't be getting any in or at least for a long time. The Britax company told her that there were some problems with manufacturing the thing, some people were returning them because they were just too big for their cars, and, actually, this seat was first intended for "special needs" children. She was told that they may be going back to the drawing board on this seat! She also told me "good luck" on placing an order and getting it any time soon! So, now I'm not sure what to do.

In the other posts, I have seen a few seats that seems intesting...the Komfort Kruiser seems like a good option, but I really want a 5-point booster for as long as possible...that's why I liked the Super Elite. The sales person thought the Eddie Bauer was a good seat, but there was almost no padding on the seat and I don't really know anything about that seat. The other two boosters that I would consider are the ones by Britax...I really like their products! I guess the Roadster would last longer (goes up to 100 pounds), but the Starriser Comfy looks more...well...comfy!!

If I knew my DS would fit in his Roundabout for another year, I would just get a Roundabout for the new baby and worry about DS later! Eeeek! This is driving me crazy.

I would like to have anyone's opinion on the Super Elite...if they know anything about it. Any other info/suggestions/opinions would be appreciated. Again, staying in the 5-point harness is very important to me, but if I don't have any other option...I will have to go to the seat belt when he grows out of his Roundabout.

Well, I've rambled on long enough!

Thanks for reading!

P.S. I've been doing a little more research and have found another seat by Britax called the Britax Cruiser...any info on that one? Also, can you take the fabric off the Komfort Kruiser to wash?

04-18-2002, 08:57 AM
I was able to get a Super Elite about two weeks ago at Buybuy Baby in New York. Since I just called around, I don't remember which city in which it was located. Try buybuybaby.com to get the store listings. Also, if they don't have any available try checking one of the forums Toby suggested in previous messages.
I only have a minute or two so I'll make this brief-
The SE fit in my Dodge Grand Caravan just fine. It is heavy, but I don't have to move it often. It is a solid seat and is easy to install and use. The only thing I wish it would have it a cup holder.

Sorry I have to go- my two year old is getting into the computer.

04-18-2002, 09:02 AM
Thanks so much for your reply!

04-19-2002, 10:27 AM
First, the SE really is available now. Hop on over to the ParentsPlace carseat board (http://boards2.parentsplace.com/cgi-bin/boards/carseats) where a number of moms got on a number of waiting lists. Many are having their names come up on multiple lists and are offering the extra seats.

Second, the SE IS huge. I just installed on in my van. I have a nice, wide spot in my Previa, 2nd row bench center spot. I thought the SE would fit great, and it does. But I can't put most of my boosters next to it by the window. The Galaxy 2000, the Komfort Kruiser and the Right Fit were all too wide. I had to swap boosters out with my neighbor and use the SR/C. So the seats is wide and heavy and you wouldn't want to move it around much.

Now, what do I recommend? Well, since your baby is due in November, you can start with an infant seat and then your baby won't need the RA until May or so. Probably a year from now. It is HIGHLY likely that your son will outgrow the RA by then. He might even outgrow it by November, if you want to start with the RA. So I'd plan on the RA for the baby, either at first, or after an infant seat.

For your son, come November, I'd probably go with a belt positioning booster. I know you want the 5 point protection, and that is certainly an option. But by age 4 or more, and 40 pounds, I think he'll do well in a bpb. He will get good protection from the lap/shoulder belt, and he will be old enough to sit well in it. You both will like the ease of using a bpb vs. a harnessed seat.

Now, which bpb do I recommend? If you are mostly going to keep the booster in the car, definitly go with the KK. It is a great seat and very comfortable and supportive. It is larger than many. If you want a Britax seat, chose the Roadster. It is actually more comfy and padded and wider than the SR/C. But the back removes when the child is about 65 pounds. That will be fine for you because you have head rests, and your child probably won't want the head rest when he gets older. Families that will need head protection later on need the SR/C, or those that need a very narrow seat. The Cruiser is a great seat but it has a very low back, and I wouldn't recommend it to you, even if you could find one.

Yes, I just checked the KK instructions (which I'm carrying around in my purse along with the SE instructions!) and the cover can be both sponged off and completely removed for washing.

I hope this helps.

04-19-2002, 06:03 PM
Thanks for your detailed reply. If my son is not yet 40 pounds when the baby arrives, I will probably get a Super Elite (I am going to put my name on a list from a local store). Then, when he weighs enough, I can get the Roadster or Starriser and move my second child in the SE when the time comes!


Edit: Actually, after doing more reading on this board (posts since my question) and other research, I will probably go with either the KK or Roadster as you suggested. We saw and tried the Super Elite and it is just huge! It fits in our car, but doesn't leave much leg room for our child. I just wish local stores sold the KK so I could try it out before buying. I really doubt our little guy will be 40 pounds before the baby gets here, but if you think the booster is safe for him, I'm okay with it.

Thanks, again!