View Full Version : Best choice for 4yo who's outgrown RA by ht. but not wt.?

04-23-2002, 03:14 PM
Okay, I'll admit it. I'm still totally confused by this whole harness vs. bpb decision! Toby, can you help me figure out what is the right seat for when "my Adam" (as opposed to yours, LOL) outgrows his Britax RA?

He will be 4 in June. Currently, his shoulders are about level with the top harness slots on the RA (I can let him go a bit longer, right? Until they are above the top slot?). But he is still only about 34 pounds. I think maturity-wise, he would be fine (sitting still, etc.) in a bpb. But since he may still have a while (it's so hard to predict!) before he hits 40 pounds, do I still need to have him in a harness? I was thinking about going with the Evenflo Apollo, but I'm concerned about comfort once I switch it to a bpb -- he's a great car-sleeper -- I'd hate to jeopardize that! On the other hand, I also hate the idea of spending $$ on another harness seat for these last few pounds, then spending even more $$ when he's ready for a bpb.

Any suggestions? Also, do I remember correctly, Toby, that you (or your kids) liked the Jupiter Komfort Kruiser better than the Britax StarRiser/Comfy, for comfort?

Thanks a million!
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04-24-2002, 01:05 PM
Hi Dawn.

It sure can be confusing, but I think you are getting pretty close to understanding it all.

Since your Adam is only 34 pounds, I'd start the way you are. Leave him in the RA (which is hopefully tethered) until his shoulders have definitely gotten above the top slot. That won't be too long, but a little while.

He'll still probably be 34-36 pounds. Since he can use a harnessed seat to 40 pounds, I think you might be quite happy with an Apollo. He'll get more sleeping support than from most of the dedicated belt positioning boosters.

Down the line, you may choose to buy another booster seat, but then again, you might not. And if you do, you might be able to get a backless booster. But if your Adam likes the Apollo in bpb mode, then you can stick with that. If he asks for something more comfortable down the line, you can deal with that at the time, and the Apollo may come in handy when Jeremy? gets to this age.

If you do end up choosing a high back belt positioning booster, I would say that overall I do prefer the KK to the SR/C, but it depends on your needs. The SR/C is much more portable and narrower.

Hope that helps.