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06-13-2002, 01:50 PM
Dear Toby,
I'm am still deciding on a booster seat for my older child. I have not had time to go to Babies R Us and try out the seats you recommended but do have another question for you. Is the only diffence between a toddler/booster seat and convertible is that one holds more weight and can be used as a booster seat and the other one can't? My point is is if I don't like the way the booster seats fit my child using the seat belt loop, can't I just buy another convertible seat that is less expensive knowing that in a year or less, she'll probably fit better into a booster seat and then I can buy the one I like (Britax Starriser). If all booster seats can only be used with the inside system to ony 40 lbs then there isn't a point in buying one of those or is there? Anyway, can you list some inexpensive buy safe convertible seats that can be used while we are waiting for her to grow into a better booster seat? Thanks.

06-13-2002, 04:17 PM
There is one other big difference. Most (not the Coscos, but all the others) of the combo seats have higher harness slots than the convertibles. Most kids seem to outgrow their convertibles by height, not weight. The weight limit is 40 pounds. The height limit is when the child's shoulders are higher than the top harness slot. So many kids end up going from a convertible to a combo to get those last few (or not so few) pounds out of the harness, after they are too tall for the convertible. So (and I can't remember) if your child is already 2 or 3, you probably want to get a combo now, rather than getting a convertible and having your child outgrow it at 35 pounds and still needing a combo.

Of course, not all kids outgrow seats by height. In fact, my kids hit the height and weight limits at about the same time. But so many do that I try to point it out as early as possible.

For example (and you can find full measurements at my site, www.carseatdata.org), the Century Accel top slots are at about 14.5", while the Evenflo Apollo top slots are almost 17".

But it is fine to get a convertible if it fits your child better and then see how things go down the road.