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06-20-2002, 08:30 AM
Dear Toby,
Sorry, I haven't gotten back to you. We finally, bought a car seat for our 1 year old. We took your advice, and bought the Britax, King. What can we say wEEEEE LLLLoooovvvveeee IT! Thank you, so much for answering all our e-mails, and being so nice! I have two more questions for you? We're trying to buy a seat for our 3 year old. She is tall for her age, we want to invest in another Britax, but we hear that they are coming out with new seats. You wouldn't happen to know when? I've been calling everybody. No one knows. Second question, how can I find out who can install these these car seats in our car. You know how they have that latch that hooks to the parcel tray. My husband was going to do it, but we looked at each other, and just decided to get a pro. haha!

Have A Great Day!!!!

06-20-2002, 08:57 AM
Hi Christina.

I'm so glad you like your seat! The King is really nice, but is being discontinued because it didn't sell well enough.

For your 3 year old, there isn't a good Britax choice. She's too young/light for a booster yet. The new Britax seats include the Marathon, which is the same as the RA on the bottom, but the top is taller and wider. It should be certified to 65 pounds, and there is no firm release date. It is waiting certification. Maybe later this summer. They have started making them, so once it gets certified, they might come out quickly. I suppose your other option would be the Britax Super Elite. It is huge and wide and heavy, though. I would keep her in her current seat until she outgrows it, hopefully she's got a few months so you can see how you like the new seats.

To get your seats checked, try www.seatcheck.org or www.nhtsa.gov. If your car has the tether hook on the package shelf, then you can just clip the tether to it and pull tight. If you need a hook installed in your car, call a dealer for your kind of cars. Many dealers do them cheap or free. Some (non-US companies) charge for parts, sometimes labor. But package shelf installations are easy. You can do it yourself if they charge for it.