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16mos apart
07-13-2002, 05:24 PM
I have 2 children 16 mos apart. The oldest is going on 5 and the youngest is 3. I was wanting some opinions on 3 different boosters. The Century Ascend, Century Breverra and Cosco High back. I know they are not the most expensive but I was wondering what kind of rating you all would give them. Thanks for the insight!

07-17-2002, 10:43 AM
Your 5 year old is probably over 40 pounds, and just needs a booster with the lap/shoulder belt. If you have head rests, and your 5 year old doesn't sleep in the car anymore, you can even go with a backless booster like the Evenflo Right Fit ($25ish). The Cosco Complete Voyager goes for about $29 and is fine. For a bit more money, you get a little more comfort for your child. I think Evenflo has a high back booster, just like the Express, but without the harness, for about $49.

For your 3 year old, I strongly recommend a harnessed seat. Any combo seat (harnessed seat that turns into a booster later on) with a front adjuster and higher harness slots may work well. It of course must fit your car well, and you child should like it, etc. I'd skip all the Cosco ones since they have low top harness slots. Try the Evenflo Express ($59) or the Graco Grand or Ultra CarGos ($59). The Century Ascend or Next Step MX are also fine.

Hope that helps.