View Full Version : Problem finding hbb with harness that fits belt ahead of bight

07-21-2002, 01:48 AM
I'm wondering if anyone has found a hbb with harness that fits in a seat position where the belts are ahead of the bight. The vehicle is a '98 F-150 ext. cab and all three rear seats have the belt clip built into the seat several inches ahead of the rear of the seats. Combine this with a three year old who is 32 lbs and 39" tall. I love our FP safe-embrace, but she's almost too tall in the shoulders. Last time I checked with our local car seat technician her advice was simply to buy a new vehicle (easy for her to say).

If it makes any difference, we're in Canada. Just wondering if anyone else has found solutions to this type of problem. Thanks.

07-24-2002, 09:32 AM
There are a few listed in my database, www.carseatdata.org. I installed a Century Next Step in a co-workers truck, though they have a super cab, which might be bigger than what you've got. Another family installed a Cosco high back booster. That seat fits terrifically, but your daughter is probably already too tall for the harness on that seat. I'd also try the Evenflo Apollo and Express. And the Graco Ultra or Grand CarGo (same shell, different types of front adjuster).

Sounds like you need a trip to Babies R Us (though do you have those in Canada? I've never asked) and about an hour to try seats.

And let me know what you find! I'll add it to the database.

10-07-2002, 12:48 AM
Thanks for your advice. The Evenflo Express fits in the back passenger seat very well. To any others with a similar problem, for some reason that was the only rear seating position that the seat fit in. Your database seemed to mention that seating position (the only one I hadn't tried). It did take half an hour to install tightly. Luckily for me my mom had one for her car, so we just borrowed it to try it out for a couple days. Now to get it checked out...

Two questions: the instruction manual says not to install it in a seat position where the belts are ahead of the bite. Would this lead to liability issues if we were in an accident? (the Cosco car seat also state this, but the Century do not. You were correct, she has outgrown her Cosco seat in grandma's car) #2 - It is tight (no movement at all when tethered), however, it is not flat against the back of the seat. One side is against the seat and the other is a couple of inches ahead of the back of the seat at the base. Is the seat position likely to be a safety issue?

I know there's a Babies R Us in Vancouver, which is unfortunately too far to go for a car seat for us. Toys R Us have been good, particulary when they have someone in their baby department who knows car seats.