View Full Version : I need a good booster seat for my 4.5 yr old

08-10-2002, 09:08 PM
My son is now in a booster seat using the lap and shoulder belt only (no more harness). I am not happy with the booster seat he has now because I really want a seat that will allow for retraction of the shoulber belt. He doesn't sleep in the car anymore around town, but will if we are gone for a hour or more in the car. I would like this next seat to be our last one, but I would also like him to be in a booster seat till he is 8 years old. I looked at the Britax Star Riser (I think that is the name). Any ideas on a seat that will work for us?

Thanks in advance

08-12-2002, 08:21 AM
The Britax Starriser/comfy is a nice choice. It does have a free sliding shoulder belt. If you have head supports in your car for him, you might want to consider the Britax Roadster, which is a bit wider, deeper and more padded. But the Roadster back only works to about 65 pounds. So later on (when he isn't likely to sleep in the car anymore) he will use the seat as a backless booster.

Yet another choice that might work for you is the Jupiter Komfort Kruiser. It is a large seat, and wide, but very light. It is made entirely of eps foam (that stuff you find in bike helmets). The seat is very cushy but positions the child well and also has a free-sliding shoulder belt adjuster. It does not convert to a backless booster.

Another suggestion is to get your son involved in choosing his next booster. He's going to face some peer pressure possibly down the road, and being excited about his booster will help. And if you anticipate a lot of peer pressure, get a seat that converts to a backless booster later on - those are more inconspicuous. But some kids are lucky enough that ALL their friends have boosters too, and the space age design of the KK is an advantage!

08-31-2002, 10:47 PM
Graco also has a new booster seat out, the Turbo Booster.
It's now up on Graco's website www.gracobaby.com.

People have seen them at BRU, TRU and some WalMarts.