View Full Version : Need reccomendations for purchasing 2 carseats

08-11-2002, 01:07 PM

I have a 21 month old (approx. 32 inches, 27 lbs) and am due with another child in October 2002. We are now looking to purchase car seats for our 2nd car.

For our older child we have the Britax advantage, and plan on using our Graco Snug Ride for our infant. We purchased an extra base for the Snug Ride, to fit in car #2. However, I'm looking for recommendations on what to purchase for our older child for car #2, and what to puchase once our infant grows out of the Snug Ride. We love the Britax Advantage, but are considering purchasing a car seat that will work above 40 lbs.

Also, our 2nd car accommodates a latch system.

Here are my questions:
1) What is the safest solution? (this may be the more expensive option, but we're willing to pay for the safest solution). Please include the product manufacturer and name.
2) Is Britax the safest car seat out there?
3) Where can I find the best prices for the seat?
4) What do you recommend for our 2nd child, after she outgrows the the Snug Ride? (for both cars?)
5) Are LATCH seats better/safer?

Thanks for your time!

08-12-2002, 08:29 AM
First for the baby. The baby will be fine in the SnugRide for awhile. Then the baby should get the Advantage, for car #1. For car #2, your best bet may be the new Britax Marathon. I haven't seen it yet (it just started production) but it is like the Rounabout (the Wizard is the stepped up version of the Marathon, like the Advantage is the stepped up version of the RA) but wider and taller. It is supposed to go up to 65 pounds with harness. And it has latch. So it will be good for car #2.

If you can wait a month or so for child #1 in car #2, you may want to just use the Marathon for now, until child #2 needs it. That is probably the best scenario. Then you can see what your needs are in 6-8 months. You'll probably end up buying a set of combo seats for child #1, harnessed seats that become booster seats later on. They work pretty well, and are definitely cheaper than buying Britax harnessed seats, then Britax boosters.

Latch seats are safer in that they are easier to install correctly. But a properly installed seat with latch is no safer than a properly installed seat with belts. Since you have latch hooks in your second car, I'd go with them.

Britax seats are similarly not necessarily safer, except that they are easier to use, and more likely to be used right. They seem to have a much lower cursing factor also, while getting your child in and out. So the extra money for Britax may be worth it for you, or may not be. And may be for the primary car, but not the secondary car.