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08-16-2002, 09:12 PM
This is my first time using a message board and I stubbled across your site. Although I found many of the postings very informative I have a question/concern that I could not find addressed elsewhere.

My daughter is 2.5 years old (she will be 3 in December). I just purchased the Jupiter Komfort Kruiser because she hit the 40 lb. mark and is very tall for her age. She was previously in a Britax RA which we loved and always felt very secure with. Although I have heard the Jupiter Komfort Kruiser is highly rated I am having a difficult time reconciling to myself that it is as secure/safe.

I felt the width and height would be great for growth over the years and provide a comfortable ride but I find that she is throwing her legs over the side and has been slipping her arm out of the shoulder restraint. The lap belt never seems to be a problem and is positioned correctly.

Could you explain the correct positioning of the headrest/shoulder belt so that a toddler is safe and restrained. Also, should I be using the child seatbelt locking device with the seat belt so it limits forward movement? Her head looks properly positioned with the head rest and if she isn't moving around a lot the shoulder belt looks properly positioned but she is able to slip her arm out which I feel is a major safety issue. It would seem if I moved the headrest up the shoulder belt would cut across her neck.

Thank you for your help.

08-19-2002, 09:28 AM
Hi Ann.

As a general rule, I do not recommend belt positioning boosters for children until they are at least 3 1/2 years old, and hopefully closer to 4 or even 5. One of the reasons for that is exactly what you are seeing. The booster is performing correctly, allowing you to properly position the lap and shoulder belt over your child. But your child (and most all kids of this age) is not ready to stay in position. The 5 point harness KEPT her in place, but the boosters do not.

The problem is that few seats allow the use of the harness past 40 pounds. So I'd recommend getting one of the few seats that DOES allow this.

The Britax Super Elite is currently available, though hard to find. It is going to be replaced by the Britax Husky soon (will have latch attachments).

The Britax Laptop might work for you now. It goes from 30 to 65 pounds and will keep her in place. It runs about $50. It sits on top of her, and some kids don't like this, but it will work.

The Safety Baby Airway should harness to 50 pounds, then turn into a booster. Apparently it should be available the first week in September.

The Britax Marathon is a lot like the Roundaobut, in fact it basically shares the bottom half with the RA. But the top is taller and wider and the seat uses the harness to 65 pounds. It also is expected in the first week of September, or perhaps later in September.

In the meantime, work with your daughter to learn to stay in position. You cannot use a locking clip with this seat, and one of its great featuers is the free moving shoulder belt. If you have switchable belts (check your manual, but you pull the belt out all the way, hear a click, and the belt ratches back in), you can put them in locked mode to help her stay in position.