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08-21-2002, 03:47 PM
I have a very tall 2 year old (38" tall and 33lbs) who is already too tall for his Britax RA so it's time for a booster seat. I'm disappointed that Britax doesn't really have anything out right now to fit my needs, so I've been searching for a seat that will due until my son is mature enough to be in a belt positioning booster using the regular car seat belt.

I saw the Cosco Summit today at Babies R Us and had my son sit in it. I like this seat because it has the "open belt adjuster". My son fit well and has at least an inch of room before he'll be over the top harness slot. The thing that confuses me is that in the Baby Bargains booster update, it lists the top slots at 15" (I believe the Britax RA top slots are at 15.5"), which means that this seat should be too small for my son, but in reality that doesn't seem to be the case. I didn't have a tape measure with me and my son may have been slouching a little since he wasn't really thrilled about trying out car seats. Does anyone have this seat that you could measure from the back of the seat up to the top harness slot?
Also, I'd appreciate comments from anyone who has this seat as to how you like it.


08-22-2002, 09:33 PM
Of course, *I* did the measuring, and that is indeed what I found with a tape measure. But I have heard that this seat does give a little more space than the absolute measurements suggest. I use those measurements, and generally they do help, but in this particular case, some kids do seem to have more shoulder room than I'd think. Which is good because the top slots measure VERY low on this seat. I generally like this seat except for the top slot problem and the twisty straps, so if you think that your child WILL have enough height to get to 40 pounds, then try it!

08-24-2002, 07:59 AM
Thanks....I also did some research on this seat and from what I gather the very top position is not to be used with the harness, but is just to make the seat higher when you use it as a belt positioning booster.

After further thought, I highly doubt my son will make it to 40 lbs in this seat and even if he did, he wan't be 'mature' enough to be in a belt positioning booster (he's 27 months now and already 34 lbs and 38" tall). Besides, the twisty straps will drive me nuts, just like they did in his infant seat.

At this point, I think my best choice right now, is the Britax Super Elite. I have a LATCH compatible vehicle, but don't think I can wait for the Husky or Marathon (with the hopes of using it with a second child if they ever come along). Since the Britax seats, at least the RA & Freeway, install so well in my Honday Odyssey, I can live without LATCH at this point. The SE will give me time to either go directly to a regular booster seat with an open belt path.


08-26-2002, 10:23 AM
Sorry. I should have though to mention the top top slot problem, that it is only for booster use. I measured to the top slot that you CAN use with harness.

Not having seen it yet, I think the Marathon might suit you a tad better, if you have the time to wait for it. I bet that by the time your son outgrows the Marathon, he'll be VERY ready for a regular booster.

But the SE will work too.