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09-06-2002, 07:54 AM

I have already contacted Denise and Alan Fields regarding this issue and they were very helpful, but as they pointed out, the decisions are mine, so I wanted to get one more opinion before making those decisions.

I purchased the Century Breverra Ascent SE booster seat for my 40 lb. toddler based on the 2001 Booster Seat reports, but now, after seeing Toddler Bargains' updated information on booster seats, wonder if the Britax Starriser Comfy or Jupiter Komfort Kruiser would be safer and/or better choice than the Breverra.

If that were the case, I would keep the Breverra Ascent SE for use in other cars and purchase either the either the Britax or the Jupiter for my car.

I know that the Britax Starriser Comfy received an excellent rating from Consumer Reports, and I love the Britax Roundabout, but wonder if it is better than the Komfort Kruiser, which used the EPS foam?

Also, do you feel the Komfort Kruiser would perform as well as the Starriser Comfy in a Consumer Reports test? I do not know how long Jupiter has been making car seats, but I definitely want my Little One to be as safe as possible, and I know some companies have had quality/safety issues.

My Little One just turned 40 lbs, and at 3 1/2 years old is almost 40 inches tall. While I have a smaller car, I think either seat would fit. I have an infant seat installed on one side of the car and the Breverra Ascent SE on the other side. Since I am not sure if there would be room for someone to sit in the middle now, the Komfort Kruiser's size might not be an issue, since it is only 2 1/2" wider than the Breverra. Little One still falls asleep in the car sometimes, but not that often.

Both the Britax and Jupiter booster seats have their plusses; Britax is smaller in size/width, had “excellent” Consumer Report results, and it converts to a backless booster; the Jupiter uses EPS foam, has great head support for a napping child, and goes up to 100 lbs; and both boosters are very adjustable.

So in the end, I have two decisions to make; one, whether I should purchase the Britax or Jupiter when I already have the Breverra, and two, if I do decide to purchase the Britax or Jupiter, which would be the best choice, since both are about the same price and can be found on the Internet.

Needless to say, I would really appreciate your input. Thanks.

09-06-2002, 01:19 PM
Hi Lori.

As the Fields' said, it is of course up to you what you choose.

However, I also have some suggestions, which you can take as you'd like.

I'm not wild about the Breverra as a booster. I bought one for my daughter when she was just over 40 pounds because there were no dedicated boosters at my BRU 4 years ago. It works, but it is pretty upright, with very little sleeping support. The padding is kind of thin, and the shoulder belt adjuster is the kind that can catch the belt and keep it from retracting properly.

So I'd try to take it back if you can, or use in your other car.

That leaves you with the decision between the KK and the SR/C. I'm going to make that decision harder. You should also consider the Graco Turbo. It is half the cost ($59 or $69 I forget). It is very new, but there were some at my local BRU. It has the open loop belt path, decent padding, the back removes, and it has sleeping wings. It isn't as deep as the SR/C, and the base isn't as narrow. It probably isn't quite as comfortable as the KK, but it is also narrower (about 16") than the KK. It is made of moulded plastic, more like the SR/C, and less like the eps of the KK.

So now I've left you with three booster choices, any of which I think would do you well. One idea is to bring up all three on the computer and let your 3 1/2 year old look at them. I wouldn't depend on kids to make the whole decision, but between a set of seats that all would work, your child's opinion is important, and might help. Seeing them in person would be better, but I think the best you'll do is seeing the SR/C and the Turbo at a BRU.