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09-14-2002, 07:54 PM
Hi Toby,

I wanted to edit my previous message, but couldn't, so here is the update message:

I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 6 month old. My older son is currently in a Britax RA. I will soon want to move my baby out of his infant car seat into the RA. I'm not sure what to purchase for my 2 1/2 yr old. He is 28lbs and 34 inches, so still fits the RA well. My options for a combination booster seem limited by his weight and even more so by the lack of availability of choice in Canada (we live in Toronto).


1. Should I consider a second RA and then buy a HHB or backless booster when needed?

2. Should I consider the Britax Marathon (if I can purchase it on-line)? Does this car seat meet Canadian standards?

3. Should I consider a combination booster? I like the reviews on the Evenflo Apollo but have not been able to find it in Toronto. I have heard that Evenflo boosters can be tricky to install. I looked at the Century NextStep DX and MX, but compared to my RA the harness tightener seems really ackward.

Thanks for the time and assistance.


09-16-2002, 10:51 AM
I don't think the Marathon is available in Canada yet, or I'd recommend that.

I'd skip another RA because I think your older child will be out of it in another 6-12 months.

I'd go with any Evenflo, Graco or Century booster with a front adjuster that you can find, fits your car, and you like. The Evenflo Apollo, Express or Comet would probably be my first choices over the Century ones becuase they have better padding and seem to work a little better for kids. But you may have to take what you can find.

09-16-2002, 12:45 PM
Hi Toby,

Thanks for the information. I've made some calls and have found out that neither the Marathon or Evenflo Apollo are currently available in Canada with no plans for Cdn release. This is disappointing b/c they were my top picks. : ( However, I was able to find a Fisher Price Grow Me With which I believe is better than the Century or Evenflo Express. I'm still not happy with the harness adjuster, but I guess I've been spoilled with my RA.

I wanted two FP seats, but one was the floor model. I'm still making calls, but is there any reason not to buy a floor model? (It comes with a discount.)

Thanks for the reply. This message board has been great. I'm very disappointed at the lack of selection in Canada - I feel like I don't have all the choices I want. Do you know where I could direct my concerns to on the behalf of the Cdn consumer?



09-16-2002, 01:23 PM
I'm glad you found the GWM. I started typing about it, then started thinking it was a booster only, so erased it. It's not - it is a combo seat - and is one of the nicest out there. It is just only available in Canada now.

Here's a link to Canadian info: http://www.carseatsite.com/recommended_car_seats.htm. I think you can comment directly to Transport Canada.

10-07-2002, 01:18 AM
I will agree with you completely on the lack of selection of car seats up here! It is so frustrating to read about some of the Britax seats and not be able to even look at them. I suppose it's nice to know that it's not just being in a small town that limits the choice. I know lots of people who love the grow-with-me - so at least we have one seat the Americans don't anymore!

Don't know if it's of interest, but Sears is currently advertising the Evenflo Commet (just one more choice). I've also seen an Evenflo Appolo at Walmart (although it's not there any more). Sears Fall catalogue also lists a couple of hbb w/ harness that I've never seen in any store out here. Good Luck!