View Full Version : Car Seats for Two Year Olds

Marthe Schulwolf
10-09-2002, 12:56 PM
My best friend is shopping for a new car seat for her two year old son who already weighs over 30 lbs. She has a Roundabout, but needs a second seat and would like one that will last him a while. Does anyone know anything about the Britax Marathon? How does it differ from the Advantage? I have the Advantage myself and like it very much because of the knob that allows you to adjust the height of the straps without having to uninstall the seat. Does the Marathon have this feature? What makes it go up to 65 pounds? Is it built differently? Is it a good quality safe seat? (after all, it is costly). Any information greatly appreciated... Also I'm wondering about something regarding my seat. I bought one of the early Advantage seats (when it first came out) and I wasn't concerned about the Isofix latch system as I have an older car. If I trade up to a newer car with this system available, will I have to get another car seat too?

Thanks for any insights...