View Full Version : Decisions on Booster for 6 y/o

Michelle in AL
10-10-2002, 08:16 AM
My daughter will be six in a month. She is tiny (40 lbs/43"). She has outgrown the 5 pt harness on her Eddie Bauer HBB. I hate it for belt positioning. I am considering four options - Britax Star Riser Comfy, Jupiter KK, Graco Turbo, Safety Baby Uno. Is the Uno and StarRiser safe without the back for such a tiny girl? The Jupiter looks very comfortable. That is why I am leaning toward it. Why do some places rate the StarRiser better? The price on the Graco caught my attention but it looks cheap and uncomfortable. However, I cannot see it in person. I am on a limited budget or I would go buy the Britax. I am shying from the Marathon and SuperElite because she is the only one of her friends still in a carseat. All the others seem unconcerned even the ones with tiny ones like mine. I think she would be upset to see all her friends out of carseats and be in one like her baby sister's. I should mention that she has a long body. She outgrew the 5 pt for height long before weight. Ay advice appreciated.

10-21-2002, 07:07 PM
I just went through the exact same process as you -- My daughter will be 6 in Dec. and she is only 38 pounds. I would have loved to get her a marathon except that she has been begging for a booster since most of her friends have been in them for 2 years or more! I looked at the KK and the Star Riser Comfy. The Starriser didn't look as comfortable as the KK plus the KK seemed more substantial then the Starriser comfy. They were the same price at the store, but the sotre vigorously reccommended the Britax over the KK because of the rising back adjustment, the movable back and the clips that hold the belt in place. So I went with the Britax Star Riser Comfy -- My daughter loves it :) Good luck!

10-22-2002, 07:45 AM
At age 6, I'd go with a booster for your little one.

If your car has head supports, and she never sleeps in the car anymore, you could go with a backless booster. That is almost all we use, and my son is only 4 1/2 (my daughter just grew out of boosters, but that is all she used for a long time too). If cost is a factor, you might want to try a backless booster first. One of my favorites right now is the Cosco High Rise. It has decent padding, a decent shoulder belt adjustment clip, and two cup holders. My son likes it. The Polo/Uno are fine, but a bit narrow for older kids/wider kids. The Evenflo Right Fit is a nice choice. All sell for $25 or so.

The three big boosters are the Jupiter Komfort Kruiser, the Britax Starriser/comfy, and the Graco Turbo.

The KK is the largest, and bulkiest, but also has more padding and support than the others. It is about 19" wide. The back does not remove. But if you have the space, and your kid likes it, the KK is the best.

The SR/C is more flexible. The back height goes up and down, so it doesn't impede your vision. The back removes for use as a backless booster. It is the narrowest booster out there, starting at 13" wide. So if you need the width measurement, or the flexibility, and your kid likes it, the SR/C is the best.

The Turbo is sort of a SR/C clone. It added cup holders. It is 16" or so inches wide. The back does remove. It also adjusts up and down, easily. It isn't quite as deep as the SR/C or the KK. But if the middle of the road booster features work for you, the price is right and your kids likes it, then this is the best booster for you!