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c l mom
10-12-2002, 02:28 PM
Toby, I wanted to thank you and everyone else who provided me such helpful information re: car and booster seats. I wrote on Sept 8, when I needed to replace my two kids' car seats after a minor car accident. Our three yr old is at 40 lbs and was just at the height of outgrowing her Roundabout anyway; and our two year old was at the height limit for his Evenflo. You recommended the Marathon for our three year old, in fear of her being too young / active for a booster.

Well, I couldn't find a Marathon quickly enough, so I decided to buy a Jupiter Komfort Kruiser, with the plan that if she didn't stay in it safely, I'd then find the Marathon and save the KK for later. Well, she LOVES the Komfort Kruiser! She keeps the harness and belt at exactly the right places and is very proud of being a big girl! She has fallen asleep in it, too, and has appeared very comfy with the large wings. It's been easy to use with the shoulder strap, and she loves the cup holder. It's turned out to be perfect for us. She's safe and happy -- and it was available quickly and at less cost than the Marathon! (by the way, I've since seen the Marathon and can't believe how big it is!)

We bought our 2 year old a Britax Expressway, and that's worked perfectly for him, too; he's up higher than he was in his other carseat, and it's easier for us to use: the straps don't twist as his Evenflo's did, the buckles are much easier to use, and the fabric cover doesn't come off as the Evenflo's did every time he climbed in and out of it. He'll likely grow too tall for it before he's four, and I expect we'll buy the KK for him, too, as it is perfect for our needs.

By the way, I found the KK online at OneStepAhead for $99 plus shipping. (FedEx 2 day would have cost over $90, so I opted for ground shipping, and it arrived in 3 days, so I'm glad I didn't spend the extra money!) It was also available at Lazar's Furniture Store in the Chicago suburbs for $139; at The Baby's Room in several Chicago suburbs, floor models only, for approx $79; and new in box through e-bay, for I think $79 + shipping. The Right Start had it online for $119 + shipping, but it wasn't available. Lil DebnHeir in Napervilled is listed on Jupiter's website as carrying it, but they don't anymore.

A final comment: we're insured by State Farm. They insisted on taking possession of our car seats once we replaced them, and reimbursed us in full for the two we had. I was impressed with that, though I do wish they would be using the car seats for testing, rather than destroying them as I learned they do.

Thanks again, everyone. I learned so much in the time I spent reading all on this message board. It made a challenging decision much easier in the short time I had to make the decision.

10-14-2002, 10:59 AM
I'm so glad things worked out for you! It sounds like you picked just the right seats for you.

By the way, when shopping for the Komfort Kruiser, make sure you don't get an old Komfort Rider instead. There are still some around, and the seat just isn't as nice as the newer KK.

And I'm glad to hear that things worked well with State Farm. Their policy of collecting old seats and destroying them sounds goood. I suspect that if you wanted to give them to a local cps program (if they needed your kind of seats for their training program, for instance), that you could give State Farm a letter to that effect instead. But overall, I like their policy.