View Full Version : Evenflo Apollo Discontinued at BRU???

10-13-2002, 11:58 PM
Hi all,

I have been following this subject for a while since my toddler (who will be 3 in Jan) will have outgrown his Fisher Price Safe Embrace by then, since it won't fit when he has a coat on. He's about 38" tall now and weighs about 32 lbs. I was going to get the Evenflo Apollo based on everyone's (and definitely Toby's) comments, but it's been disco'd by Babies R Us, and nobody there seems to know why (or won't say). So now I need a new pick, and I have a few things I'm concerned about...

1. This needs to fit our very small car. It's a 4-door 1993 Toyota Corolla, which is quite comfy in front but *really* small in back. Also, baby #2 was born in August, and his infant seat must go in the center of the bench seat, since it can't be held with shoulder belts.

2. I'd like something that's proven REALLY safe!!!

3. The seat should be comfy enough for semi-long rides (up to 3 hrs). My son does like to nap in the car, and some of the boosters seem to hold the child REALLY upright, and it just doesn't look all that comfortable.

What does everyone think?

Jodi in Chicago

10-14-2002, 10:40 AM

I have twins, and have always had to have 2 carseats at the same time. When both of mine were infants they rode side by side in both a Dodge Neon & the bench of a Plymouth Voyager. The infant seats were always attached with shoulder belts. In fact, I think most carseats from infant seats to boosters are meant to be secured with shoulder belts, and finding seats that are safe to be secured without them is the more rare case, especially now that most new cars are made with shoulder belts for every passenger including the rear center seat. I would double check the installation information or go on the manufacturer's website to find out how to install with a shoulder belt. (It is likely that the whole shoulder belt threads through the same way you have been threading the lap belt, but there may be additional information you might need.)

It is said that the "safest" place for a car seat is the rear center, mostly, I think, because in a crash you won't have the front seat (with perhaps the weight of an adult paassenger) moving back on to the carseat & child, but once we have more than one, we have to choose the safest positions for all of our children, given our vehicle layout. For me, with two, it always meant putting one child behind the driver & one child behind the passenger.

I can't help with the Apollo situation at BRU - but I am sure Toby will be checking in & can give you some info - I just wanted to let you know not to fear about placing the two car seats on the sides with shoulder belts!

Good Luck!

Theresa (hooahmama)

10-14-2002, 11:33 AM
I'd also question the infant seat not working with the shoulder belt. I'm guessing that you mean that your '93 Toyota has emergency locking retractor belts that will not hold a child seat tight on their own. You will need a metal locking clip to hold the belt tight before the crash (the belt WILL lock at the time of a crash).

As for a booster, try the Evenflo Comet. I think it is replacing the Apollo. It has latch, and most of the features of the Apollo.

10-14-2002, 12:59 PM
My toddler will also be three in January and is very tall, also 38". I also have a 7 month old, who was in an infant car seat and my toddler was in a britax roundabout. I also have a 1993 toyota corrolla. Before the birth of my second child we too had the car seat in the middle. When my son was born and we had to put the second car seat in the car, we moved the infant seat to the side and put the roundabout on the other side. Now that we have put my son in the roundabout (he's also too tall for his infant seat) we have the roundabout behind the passenger seat and the evenflo appollo for my toddler behind the driver. We just purchased the appollo last week. It was still on sale here at least. I don't think you willhave room for any other car seat if you install the infant seat in the middle. I was able in my 1993 toyota corrolla to install two seats on the sides. We had them installed by certified car seat techs and then had them checked again at a carseat check. I recommend doing that.