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10-14-2002, 09:54 AM
There are a couple of posts about this topic, but since they were from several months ago, I wanted to see if there was any new information. My 19m. son is 36" tall and at least 33 lbs, and is quickly outgrowing everything (crib, clothes, shoes, etc). I keep thinking he will slow down but it hasn't happened yet. . . We currently have a Britax Roundabout which has been fabulous because it's roomy and he's comfy. But I sense his shoulders creeping up to the top harness slots and am getting a little worried. He is definitely too young to be in a seat belt only type booster, but I was kind of hoping he wouldn't need two carseats before he reaches 80lbs. (We live in NJ, with the higher weight limits on kids in seats) We are currently driving a 2000 Ford Explorer, and will probably be getting a new one (2003 model) in the spring. Any suggestions?

10-14-2002, 11:31 AM
First, wait until his shoulders are ABOVE the top slots on his RA. And make sure you are looking at the top slots, not the slits in the fabric. You still might have more time than you think.

Second, start saving for a Britax Marathon. Or maybe start looking at the Britax Husky/Super Elite. I'd like to see your little guy in a harnessed seat until he is 4, and his RA is not likely to manage that. The Super Elite will, and probably the Marathon. There is also supposed to be a new seat out, the Safety Baby Airway, that will harness to 50 pounds, then turn into a booster.

I guess the good news for you is that there ARE alternatives!

10-17-2002, 10:02 PM
I was in the same situation you were -- very tall child (DS was 36" before his 2nd birthay). I ended up buying a Britax Super Elite in August and have been happy with it so far, although I find it very cumbersome to move from car to car. I really wish I could have waited for the Marathon, but I didn't know how long they would take to come out and DS was too tall for his RA. Another great thing about the Super Elite is that my DS is not able to unlatch himself like he could from his RA. This alone has ended a HUGE problem for us!

I am waiting for the new Graco combo seat to come out later this fall and may buy that as our second seat.

By the way, I drive a 2002 Honda Odyssey, but have also used the SE in my neighbor's 2002 Explorer. The only problem we had is that the Explorer seatbelt is almost too short to strap the SE in -- you really have to push the SE down to get enough slack on the seatbelt to latch it. However, once it's in, it's a very snug fit with almost no movement. If you end up getting the Husky & a 2003 Explorer, you probably won't have to worry about that, though as both should be LATCH equiped.