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10-23-2002, 08:52 AM

I'm looking for a combo booster or just a 5-pt seat for my son since he is outgrowing is covertible seat by height. He's 2 yrs. old and is 34 lbs. and 37" tall.

If I understand things correctly, it is recommended children under the age of four ride in a booster seat that has a 5 pt. harness and isn't recommended to use belt positioning until after that age.

Well, I looked at the growth charts and if my child continues to grow at his current height/weight percentage, by the time he's three he'll be 40" tall and 38 lbs and by the time he's four he'll be 42" tall and 46 lbs.

Is there any seat/booster that can accommodate this? I know about the Britax Husky and Marathon but they are so pricy. We live in a large city and my son travels in the car about once every few weeks. But, I still want him to be safe when we travel.

Thanks for any help.

10-23-2002, 10:51 AM
I need the exact same thing! My son is the same size as yours, just a few lbs. lighter!

I think the Husky is just enormous, and was thinking about the Marathon, but it only goes up to 65 lbs. I was hoping for just ONE more carseat!

You're right about keeping them in a 5-pt booster until age 4. I'd really like a carseat that will do that and then convert to a BPB, but I don't know which is most highly recommended.

Henry is quickly outgrowing his RA and I need to be thinking of what'll come next! Looking forward to your suggestions!

10-24-2002, 01:41 PM
I like the idea of keeping kids in harnesses until age 4-5. But realistically, many kids reach 40 pounds by age 3 1/2, sometimes even earlier. Even more outgrow their convertible by height before this. There ARE the new products, but I know they don't work for everyone (cost, size, etc.).

There IS a new booster called the Airway, that harnesses to 50 pounds, then becomes a booster. But it is sort of mean to even tell you about it, since it isn't really available quite yet. A few folks had early orders and got them, I think, but they stopped taking orders. Maybe in a few months...

So for now, I'd recommend a regular combo seat with higher harness slots and a front adjuster. That will get your little guy to at least age 3, and hopefully 3 1/2. My son was 3 1/2 when he topped 40 pounds, and did pretty well in a booster.

And for the little one who is a bit lighter, the combo seat might last all the way to age 4.