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11-10-2002, 11:24 PM
Hi Toby -
I just logged on this site for the first time today, and am still fairly confused after reading several posts.

I have a 4 year old daughter who is only 25 lbs, and 37" tall. She is presently in a Britax Roundabout in our Odyssey van, with one more strap height to go and obviously some more weight and height before she maxes out in this seat. She loves this seat!

My question is about my husband's car. He recently purchased a 2003 Acura TL and we would like to purchase a LATCH equipped convertible seat that she can grow into as our "second" car seat for her. I have been looking at Century, Evenflo and Cosco models, but am concerned about Cosco's safety record. My husband likes an Eddie Bauer model (the Alpha Omega) but I recently ready that CR slammed them for a design flaw that introduces excess slack into the harness.

I don't want to spend a fortune on a second car seat, but I don't want to compromise comfort or safety either. We looked at the Britax Marathon but it seemed too big for his car - not to mention a bit pricy.

Any recommendations would be appreciated. I think that a convertible car seat up to 80 lbs. would meet our needs.


11-20-2002, 09:13 PM
Consumer Reports must exaggerate small product differences to sell magazines. They are a great place to start, but don't put too much faith in their reports:-) Properly used, your children will be very safe in any of the current models with a 5-point harness. Choose one that fits your child, vehicle and your budget:-)

The Marathon and Alpha Omega are both reasonable choices. Each has generated various minor complaints from parents regarding features and ease of use, but both will be very safe when used correctly. These models are also noteworthy as they tend to accomodate children rear-facing longer than other convertibles, and rear-facing has significant safety advantages for infants and toddlers. As she is already 4 years old and probably front-facing, most of the "Combination" booster models are also reasonable choices. The Century NextStep series, Graco Cargo series, Evenflo Apollo/Comet and Cosco Summit are a few examples.

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