View Full Version : Advice for big toddler, needs to be FAA approved!

Barton's Ark
12-09-2002, 06:32 PM
We're new to the US, and need a new seat for a 30" tall 30lb 16mth old toddler as his English carseat does not fit our 2000 Ford Explorer (though the Bebe Comfort Iseos fits the 1998 Ford Taurus really well!).
I am reluctant to buy a seat that will only last another 10lbs so need something that'll go to 65 or 80lbs.
However it must be FAA approved as we will use it to fly back to England twice a year.
Any suggestions for brands to avoid or try?
Also, any suggestions for making the seat less prone to move on leather seats!
Thanks in advance:7

12-09-2002, 10:21 PM
It sounds likes you would be a good candidate for the Britax Marathon. It is rated forward-facing to 65lbs and is FAA approved. The seat is kind of pricey ($229-$249) but it should last you a long time and this is a good quality seat. As far as seats sliding around on the leather goes, I'm pretty sure you can buy a carseat mat to go under the seat to keep it from sliding around. Good sources for this would probably be onestepahead.com or rightstart.com. Good luck!

12-10-2002, 02:52 PM
You'd also be a good candidate for a combo seat. Those use the harness to 40 pounds, then convert to a booster.

The downside is that they aren't as "nice" seats as the Britax seats. And they've also, mostly, got that 40 pound limit. So if your little guy gains that 10 pounds quickly, you'll be out shopping for another seat. Many kids do slow down, but I don't really think kids should use boosters until they are at least 3 1/2, and I'd prefer them to be 4-5 years old.

That is where the Britax Marathon, Britax Super Elite/Husky, or Safety Baby Airway come in. All have harnesses that go past 40 pounds.

The Marathon goes to 65 pounds, so it will hold your guy until he is a full 4-5 years. Then you'll have to get another booster. It is large and somewhat heavy, but should work on planes.

The Super Elite harnesses to 80 pounds, but is bigger and heavier and is unlikely to fit on airplane seats.

The Airway harnesses to 50 pounds, then turns into a booster. It is a relatively cheap option, and may be frustrating to use, but works.

Barton's Ark
12-16-2002, 10:01 PM
Thank you for your comments - very useful. As Britax is the best rated brand in the UK consistently coming out top in all safety tests, I am very happy to buy this brand despite the price. Finding a Marathon in stock proved to be the difficulty! Many sites later I found one at www.babycatalog.com. It was ordered on Wednesday 11th December and arrived today, Monday 16th.
It is securely installed in the middle seat of my 2000 Ford Explorer. All I need to do now is chase my Ford dealer to get a tether anchor added, for that extra security.