View Full Version : Airway Booster available online

01-14-2003, 10:24 AM
First I want to thank you all for the helpful information on this board. After reading alot about the Airway booster, this is the one I decided to purchase, but had a lot of trouble finding one. I was by chance on the Burlington Coat Factory web site looking at an infant seat for ds #2 and saw that they have the Airway. We have a local store so I went and purchased the Airway for ds#1 (I bought the Evenflo Triumph comfort Touch 5 for ds #2). It was 99.00 and is a great seat! Here is the site if anyone is interested http://www.babydepot.com.

Best of luck in the booster/carseat search!

Mom to Jackson 5/26/00 and Ethan 8/29/02