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01-28-2003, 02:17 AM
Does anyone out there have 3 children in booster seats or 2 in boosters & 1 still in a carseat? This is my dilemma...I have 3 children (3 yr 1 mo - 32 lbs 37 in......5 yr 10mo - 37 lbs 44 in ..... and......7 yr 4 mo - 56 lbs 50 in)........

Am I crazy to think that I can fit 2 high back booster seats & a ff carset in the back of my 2000 Nissan Altima? Pennsylvania just passed a law that the 5 yo & 7 yo now need to be in boosters. I must admit, after reading all of this information I am a bit overwhelmed & embarrassed that I do not already have them in booster seats.

I always, always kept them in the car seats (3 yo still is) and always had them rear-facing until 1 yr AND 20 lbs (they always hit 20 lbs around 9 or 10 months but were still unstable). I have never, ever once taken my children in my car or anyone elses w/out a car seat. But here I am now....my 2 precious older children have not been protected by "adult" seatbelts all these years! I am very sad and very thankful that we've never had an accident.

I want to get the seats this week but am almost afraid to go shopping. This is going to be quite an expense I am sure & I worry whether or not the seats are going to fit in my car side bby side. I cannot afford to get another vehicle right now & our other vehicle has bucket seats in the front & 2 seats in the back so that's out. Am I crazy to thiknk I am going to fit 3 seats back there & have my children safe? Any help / opinions will be greatly appreciated!


01-28-2003, 07:41 AM
I think you could fit a star-riser or star-riser comfy (high back) on either side of a forward facing carseat. They are made by Britax and you can see them online at www.childseat.com. The Star-Risers seem to be the most narrow booster seats.

01-28-2003, 10:05 AM
I second the vote for the StarRiser. This is a very narrow seat and the base of the seat is also width-adjustable. You can probably get away with just the base for your 7 year-old but you probably want the StarRiser Comfy with the high-back for your 5 year-old. This is what I am using for my daughter who will be 5 next Monday - we've been using this seat for about 9 months. Where are you in PA? The Right Start Store is having a 10% off all boosters and carseats that ends Sunday. If you are anywhere near King of Prussia, they have these seats at the Right Start there. If you buy the base, it is $59 before the discount and $129 before discount for the high-back seat. Good luck!
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01-31-2003, 03:20 PM
We have 3 seats in the back of our SUV (RX300). From l-r, booster using harness for 4 year old, rear-facing infant seat for 1 month old, and booster using seatbelt for 6 year old. We have run into a problem though with our 6 year old's seat - because the base of the infant seat is so large, I could barely get my hand in between the two seats to buckle his seatbelt (and my son couldn't get to it himself). I recently bought an Evenflo backless base, due to the good ratings from the Toddler Bargains book and Consumer Report's Best Buy rating. This solves the problem, but I am still a bit uncomfortable about a backless booster, though my son's head is well below the headrest so theoretically it is safe. Maybe I will try the StarRiser with the back and see if we can still get it to work. OTOH, once the baby goes to a forward facing seat, it may eliminate the space problem.

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