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02-12-2003, 04:40 AM
I have read endless messages about which booster seat to choose and thought I'd add one more. I have a 4 year old who is about 35 pounds and almost 41 inches tall and LOVES to take naps in the car. We've had a Britax RA for 3 years now and just love it, but shoulders are now just above the top slots and I'm in the market for another seat. I read all about the Marathon and I'm sure I already love it, especially due to the fact that it is a harnessed seat up to 65 lbs. However, it has already been suggested to us by our dear child for the need of a cupholder - not to mention the "look" of a big kid seat as most friends have. Having said that, I've been checking out various seats. I've read some pretty good things about the Evenflo Comet, Airway and the Graco Ultra Cargo. I've not yet seen the Comet and Airway in person, but have seen the Cargo and the height is great, looks great, good for sleeping, but the plastic feels sort of cheap and I've read about seatbelt slacking once you stop using the harness. We've read that the Comet has the EPS foam in the head area, which is a plus. Not sure about a sleeping child in the Comet or the Airway though. Now the Comet and Cargo are harnessed only to 40 lbs., but the Airway is harnessed to 50 lbs, is that right??

Can you shed some light on these three seats, since I don't personally know anyone who owns any of those seats to ask for feedback. Safety is our primary concern, but we like our child to be happy and comfortable too. If only they made a "big kid" looking seat that would give you the option to harness or belt at a higher weight.

Just at info, we own a NextStep DX that is our spare seat for my husband's vehicle. It's a nice seat, but is terrible for sleepers because it sit too straight up and I'm worried about using it without the harness after 40 lbs because I've now read that there is a problem with seatbelt slacking. Also, we can't get a tight fit in my Ford Expedition.

Any information you could pass my way will be much appreciated!!! Sorry I didn't mean for this message to get sooooooo long!

Amy in Ohio
02-18-2003, 01:16 PM
Hi. My son just turned 4 and is also 35 lbs. He still fits in his RA, but his 1 yr old sister needed it, so we had to find something new for him. I was very hesitant about purchasing a belt-positioning booster w/o a harness, but am now glad I did. We bought a Jupiter Comfort Cruiser for my van and a Graco Turbobooster for my husband's car. The main reason I chose not to go w/the more expensive convertible boosters is this - he may have fit into the harness part for another year (until 40 lbs.) but he will still need to be using a booster until he is 8 yrs/80 lbs, which is a long time from now. I wanted to get a booster that would really take him that far. Maybe that's an unrealistic wish, but the bp boosters have a larger base and we felt it would "grow with him" much better than just removing the harness & using a seatbelt w/some of the convertible models. We are very happy with our purchases and Max has been staying in the boosters.

02-18-2003, 06:58 PM
Thanks for your reply. I'd really like something with a harness, but like you said, it'll only be until 40 lbs then I'll be forced to go with the seatbelt anyway - unless we go with the Marathon. Nonetheless, I'll check out the ones you recommended. Thanks!!

02-22-2003, 12:08 AM
My son is 3 1/2 and the same stats as your's (about 35 lbs 41-42 inches).
I also have the RA and loved it. I am facing the same dilema as you and I had almost decided to order the Marathon when I read some things that concerned me. One was that the seat may not last very long for kids on the tall side and the other was that the buckle where the harness clicks in is 2 inches closer (narrower) than on the RA. Anyway, I am still undecided but please post if you find something you like.

02-22-2003, 10:50 PM
Hi its me again. I have been reading some more and I think I have decided to go with the Komfort Kruiser. My son, like your's often falls asleep in the car particularly on long trips and this one has good head support. I too, was concered about the lack of harness, but from the comments I've read everyone seems to like this seat and it is safe.
I am sure whatever you decide on will be okay. Goodluck