View Full Version : Graco Ultra Cargo or Marathon??? (more)

03-10-2003, 09:09 PM
Well I returned my Summit and am looking again for a seat for my 3 1/2 year old (33 lbs, 40"). I find nothing I like that seems to be really great in both the 5 point AND in the belt positioner so either will wind up buying two seats (one with 5 point till 40 lbs and then another booster only) OR buy a Britax Marathon to get me through the next couple of years (and use eventually for my 2nd DS). Any advice? The only downside of the Britax is price, but safety is my top priority. The clerks at the store are no help as they really don't know their stuff.

The Summit is too short. The Evenflo Apollo (Comet) was nice, but I had a terrible time with the "dial" and couldn't imagine doing that everyday. The Graco Ultra Cargo was okay, but I wouldn't use it with the belt guides...only the 5 point. Is the Ultra Cargo as safe a seat compared to the Britax Marathon (talking about the 5 point aspect only in the Ultra Cargo). I don't know if it's "good enough" and then should buy a separate booster after he reaches the 40 lb limit. We have to buy "two" of whatever we decide for each car so again it does get pricey, but in the end it's safety that is important to me ....can't put a price on my son! Anyway, any input you can give would be appreciated....I am a novice at this. We currently have two Britax Roundabout's which my son can still fit into, but his 6 month old brother needs the seat as he has outgrown his infant carrier!

Thanks again!