View Full Version : Can I get some feedback on the Evenflo Apollo??

03-11-2003, 08:26 PM
I keep reading how everyone loves this seat and I know baby bargains recommended it. Does anyone have any actual feedback good or bad? Maybe it was just me, but when I tried it out in the store with my toddler I had a dickens of a time trying to adjust the belt using that knob. THat is the big thing that turned me off to it. Is it supposed to be that hard ? (I was pushing in and turning). ALot of people seem to really like it so I wonder if it was me or this particular seat?

Is there any "downsides" to this chair?


03-20-2003, 03:28 PM
We have the Comet in my husband's car, which I think is about the same as the Apollo. The report in the book is pretty true to form- the wings on it are skimpy, but we don't drive/nap that much so that is not an issue. The knob really isn't bad once you get the hang of it. It's weird because it pulls from the bottom unlike out RA which pulls from the top. It installed pretty well. My biggest complaint is how "slick" the harness straps are. DD can easily slide them up and down. I think she may be fascinated with the newness of her seat, but if this continues I will be on the hunt for some type of locking device. Other than that, it is a good seat and we got it for $60 at Target. I will be buying the Graco Ultra Car Go for my car tomorrow. (I just wanted two different seats just in case one fit better than the other). Kristan

04-10-2003, 10:24 AM
After much research, I had bought the Apollo last year to keep at the grandparents house when we visited. Although we only used it a week, I was impressed with it and it was easy to move from car to car. This year, when I went to purchase a toddler/booster seat for myself, I re-researched and was pleasantly surprised to see that it (or rather its replacement, the Comet) was still highly recommended. I ordered it and it installed beautifully in my car, so well in fact, I have ordered a second for my younger daughter since I can now see that hers was a poor fit. I am disappointed that Evenflo has discontinued a few of the features on the Apollo when designing the Comet. The "Memory Harness" on the Apollo allows for a little give in the straps once it is unbuckled allow for easy in and out of the seat. Also missing on the Comet is the harness adjuster that can be accessed from the front. You must, like on most car seats, remove the seat from the car to adjust the harness up or down. But considering you only need to do this 2 times in the life of the car seat, it's not a big deal. I would have preferred to purchase the Apollo the second (and third) time around but the only place I saw it was at BabyUniverse and they will not ship to me overseas. According to some other reviews, some other people have had a hard time with the memory harness and with turning the knob. I think that once the seat is belted tightly in the car, it is easier to turn since the seat is not moving around. I personally love that feature and use it almost every time we drive. The only downside for me has been the transition to a 5 point harness from a shield. I find there are so many straps and buckles to do before the kids are secure! Anyway, that all said, I am a firm believer that the best car seat is the one that fits best in your car whether it be a $50 bare bones model or a $250 deluxe.
Hope this helps!